This chapter was so-so. There's nothing to comment on about the cover; just Lyon, and stuff we already know about him. So let's quickly move on to the actual chapter!

Natsu reunites with Lucy, Wendy and Flare(who apparently just calls everybody by their hair color). Natsu sees Flare after a long time, and apparently holds no grudge against her, which is pretty awkward, since most FT members(Lucy included) were suspicious of her at first. Other than that, it looks like the voice speaking to Natsu's head was the Eternal Flame, who is Sun Village's guardian, but is frozen right now.

Meanwhile, Gray, Carla and Happy come rushing towards the group, chased by the flying eyeball creature. Natsu decides to fight it, while Gray melts the Eternal Flame(pretty convenient, huh? ._. Gray being able to melt it and all) and the two Mages share a buddy-buddy moment without even being forced to do it by Erza's presence.

I'm not gonna bother commenting on the fight because it's another typical Natsu fight, and also because no new(or even old) spells were used. Let's just say that Natsu pulled a Luffy and defeated that guy to save the village. Meanwhile, Gray does his thing and melts the ice, setting the Eternal Flame free. I know I should've been impressed, but somehow I am not, because it all seems to convenient.

However! The important stuff arrives afterwards:

  • Gray does not melt the ice, he vanishes both the ice and the Eternal Flame.
  • Wendy senses an evil(or familiar) aura, which is weird, because she's the only one feeling it. That's why I believe it's something familiar to her(maybe something Nirvana-related).
  • Erza is still fighting Minerva.

All in all, this was mostly a set-up chapter for what's to follow. Judging from the next chapter's title The Flame's Voice, we may finally solve some of the mysteries surrounding the Eternal Flame and the Sun Village.

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Normally I'd add a second poll asking about where you guys think the Eternal Flame went, or why Wendy senses something dangerous, but I have no idea for the poll options so I'll leave it at that. See ya all next week!

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