Okay, so this chapter is mostly Gray-centric, which is a good thing once in a while. But first, let's deal with the cover. We have Sabertooth's gay poet, Rufus! He says that he found out that he is very similar to Freed since both are gay so he changed his appearance when he returned to ST. I wonder how he looks like now. Also, we learn that he has a Magic similar to Doranbolt's, allowing him to mess with people's memories. Which could be useful. But anyway, enough ranting about this guy.

Anyway, back to Gray vs. Doriate. Gray, even though of lower Magic power, strength and agility, manages to pull a prank and make Doriate fall from one of his ice steps. Gray then explains that his strategy is now even better than before. I don't know how that's possible, since he is supposed to be smaller and all, but anyways. However, I do get how he got his imagination back, as children as supposed to have more of it than most adults do.

This fight continues, with the demon guy being ridiculous, as he falls on one of Gray's ice creations with his backside. The scene with Gray trying to summon Ice Make: Hammer and then turning it to a snow cone was pretty damn funny. Gray then says what pretty much everyone knew all along, that his opponent is lame and that he has to turn people to children in order to stand a chance against them.

Back to Erza vs Minerva, the latter asks Erza to beg for mercy, but Erza tells Minerva that it's not too late for her to do the right thing, which clearly has an effect on her (do I smell a possible backstory and maybe redemption? ( ._.) She speaks her weird ancient language as she tries to finish Erza off, but a sudden boob growth turns the tables against her. Minerva has a nice view of Erza's ass as she kicks her in the face twice, and MDM couldn't be happier.

However, Minerva explains that she knows how to deal with Erza's Nakama armor(or Nakagami, whatever floats your boat) and also reminds Erza that she is half naked. And not the upper half. Anyway, Erza plays dirty and also steals Minerva's lower half, revealing her unsexy underwear and embarrassed expression ( ._.) I suspect another Mashima ecchi catfight to take place in the next chapters.

At the same time, Natsu and Gray also get their size back. Gray then taunts Doriate, who can be stronger than he initially looked like. He is an actual Demon from the book of Zeref, which reminds Gray of Deliora once more.

This chapter was funny in some parts, the story finally got some development and we finally see the first demon in the FT universe ever(excluding Deliora, who was not from the current timeline). Are Demons as strong as Dragons? This will make sense, since the two species used to fight in the DKF. However, this guy doesn't look particularly strong. Let's see what Mashima has in store for them in the future!

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