Cover 348

Let's all stop for a moment to admire this cover.

So, first of all, let me say that the cover was awesome. It's the first time I noticed how nice Yukino's legs are ಠ◡ಠ in addition, those of you who had voted that Yukino will stay in Sabertooth, get a cookie for yourselves because you were right!

The actual chapter begins with Flare explaining her backstory; she grew up in the Sun Village but left because she was very different from anyone else. She says that she turn into a sadistic bitch simply because she was scared of people of her size.

I really want to cut her some slack here, but I can't. This must be the lamest excuse I've ever heard of to hurt someone. Couldn't Mashima think of something smarter like, I don't know, Ivan blackmailing her to hurt the people in her village if she didn't join him? That would be 1000 TIMES BETTER!

Anyways...she apologizes, and both Wendy and Lucy forgive her. Lucy is very forgiving, that's not something unknown to us. Now Flare starts crying, but quickly stops and decides to become useful by showing the other girls to the Eternal Flame. Elsewhere, Happy and Carla witness a cross between a lizard, a bird and a cyclops. And I thought Oda's creatures were weird >_> that creature scares the two Exceeds, and so they are bound to stay on the ground and be completely useless for now.

Elsewhere, Chibi Natsu keeps hearing a voice(could it be Minerva/Erza?) and Chibi Erza is trapped in Minerva's sadistic game. She definitely enjoys beating her up and torturing her. In fact, it's the first time I see Minerva laughing. She keeps kicking and hitting Erza, which,, even from the perspective of a Minerva fan, is low coming from her.

We finally see Gray who has found Minerva's friend and is really freaked out by his appearance. Good job, Gray, you actually managed to be interesting by finding this gross guy! However, the next scene is really disturbing, because the non-human smiles and opens his mouth to eat Gray...

Before eating him, he decides to turn Gray into a child, which makes sense IMO >_> however, turning Gray back into time apparently made his memories of Deliora more fresh, and he starts screaming in horror. The other guy, who is just as cruel as Minerva, grabs Gray by the head and tries to strangle him.

Young Gray Prepares to Fight the Succubus Eye Mage

How cool is this?

HOWEVER! Ultear (or Ur, this part I did not understand)or in fact their ass reminds Gray that Deliora is dead and that he must protect his friends. Gray then decides to be the most badass 10-year old of all time and decide to take on his opponent! Great job there, Mashima. I suspect that the other guy has no other Magic other than turning adults into kids, so even for young Gray, a win is very possible.

All in all, I enjoyed this chapter very much. Everyone is in a pinch, except from Lucy's group. However, she will soon be too, as her group is probably headed straight towards Minerva. The best part of the chapter, though, was the last pages. It's the first time after a long time that I begin to like Gray again. Also, it looks like the Demon was Deliora, who returned in Gray's mind.

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 348
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 3/10
Chapter 9/10

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