After 2 weeks, we finally have a new chapter in our hands! So I guess...yay for us! The cover was nice. Frosch is once again mentioned as a "he" but I still have my doubts. What male would wear a pink frog costume? >_> Also, lol for him being a retard and thinking he was a frog for years :P

Oh, also, according to the cover it looks like the anime is about to restart >:D so yay for us anime fans!

Now, let's get on with this review...but first, let's remember where we were left. Oh right, Flare jumps in to save Lucy and Wendy from the Treasure Hunters, after joining a new guild(which proves to be incorrect) and looking all badass. Although it was mentioned in a funny scene, it looks like Flare is a yuri version of Juvia, being all stalkerish with Lucy and all...okay, why the heck not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we've seen worse obsessions in this manga.

HOWEVER!!! Flare actually has an important reason to be there. Her new stamp is actually the symbol of the Sun Village, which makes Flare a former inhabitant from that place(Nice move, Mashima! You made Flare relevant to the plot!). She says that she was raised by! But I guess that means she wasn't BORN there, rather somehow ended up there.

Anyway, Flare is back with a vengeance against the Treasure Hunters, so she proceeds to attack them with-what are you expecting?- her hair of course. Lucy jumps in the fight and summons Cancer after a long time, who somehow makes Flare's hair longer again...I don't know how's that possible but I won't be bothered by it. Lucy and Wendy decide to aid Flare, and that's what counts.

For some reason, I laughed when Flare cried "I'M BACK!" thinking that it escalated too quickly xD still, Wendy manages to hold her own against Lala, the hammer guy, so good for her. Lucy summons Sagittarius and Virgo, hoping to take down the summoner, but Virgo cannot dig, saying that the ice has Magical properties (Iced Shell, anyone?). Anyway, Sagittarius gets owned as usual, and on the meantime Flare reveals that her hair has been blessed from the eternal flame. She then uses a fire bubbly hair trick to land a hit on hair opponent(PUN INTENDED, BITCH >:D) This was another nice addition, if you ask me. I think Mashima has started to build Flare's character and background really well.

Anyways, the girls have a hard time fighting against the treasure hunter dudes, and the latter also turn out to be misogynists, as they basically tell the girls that they are only good at shaking their asses. I wonder what they would say if they met Kagura, Erza, Mirajane or Minerva though ( ._.) anyway, Lucy has a badass moment, in which she basically tells the treasure hunters to GTFO and that she is about to show them GIRL POWA!!!

From that moment forward, the tables turn in an oh-so-familiar Mashima way. Wendy uses Arms to break out of her prison, Flare manages to use her tied up hair, and Lucy has secretly called Leo to reach the Sniper from behind. The three Femme Fatales then simultaneously defeat the 3 guys, Wendy using her Sky Dragon's Wing Attack, Flare using CHIDORI(yeah, you read that right ( ._.) ) and Lucy using....LUCY KICK(plus Virgo)!!! I had almost forgot about this attack, it's so good that we finally got to see it again >:D

This sends the 3 losers flying Team Rocket Style, and the 3 girls enjoy their deserved victory...THE END!!!

This was an...enjoyable chapter :) not something out of the ordinary, not any epic attacks or really smart moves, and this was just an ordinary Mashima fight, no matter how you look at it. I still hope Lucy and Wendy will have a moment to shine now that Erza and Natsu are unable to fight, so I am still expecting to see something epic from them. Other than that, Flare's backstory is interesting so far, and what I like the most is that there is finally someone not connected to the Tower of Heaven incident ( ._.) Also, it was nice seeing the return of Fairy Tail's strongest attack next to Nakamagic, Lucy Kick.

However, this chapter left me with a question...Why does the Sun Village mark its members with stamps, as if it is a guild? Could the Sun Village be a guild? Or did Flare join a guild for giants? Anyone can have their own theories for this.

Did you like the fight?

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Where is Gray? >_>

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 347
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 8/10
Chapter 8/10

That's all for this week people! Feel free to comment, vote, and add your own theories and thoughts about the chapter.

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