Okay guys, as most of you know, those days I'm travelling, so I've gotta make this review quick this week(it rhymes!).

Well, the cover was..meh. Never been a really big Lector fan and the whole personality change seemed a bit unbelievable. I also find it ironic how he hates bullies, when he himself has been one towards Happy.

But anyway, enough with the Exceed. Let's get on with the chapter review. For some reason Loli Erza looks so hilarious when she's pissed and tries to use Magic. It looks like she can put up a fight after all, but it's difficult for her to change armors. But none of it matters, because...

The Evil Goddess of Epicness and Doom appears, looking sexy n' all, and taunts Erza!

Now, on to some serious stuff. For some reason, Minerva explains herself to Erza. She tells her that she joined the current strongest guild, which just happens to be a dark one, and is named Succubus Eye...and here I thought Tartaros is the strongest dark guild left? Well, this probably is the case, because Succubus Eye was just the beginning for Minerva, as she plans to ascend higher. She is a smart one, isn't she ಠ◡ಠ of course she is!!

She then challenges Erza to a fight. Explaining how her "vision has broadened, she doesn't seem to care that Erza's a child. It also looks like she means serious business, as she says that this will be a fight to the death.

Dear God, Mashima, I know you don't plan on killing Erza anytime soon, but don't let Erza win this one a second time >_> what kind of villain would Minerva be after losing to a loli? DO NOT WANT!

*Ahem* Anyway...back to something funnier! Natsu as a kid is getting his ass kicked by the guy who uses Retrogression Magic! It's more of a comic relief fight, despite the guy wanted to kill Natsu >_> props to Mashima for having his annoying many character get his ass kicked in a funny way!

The next scene is funny too. Natsu pulls an Usopp by fooling his opponent and then escaping. And here I thought the other guy was a serious opponent...well, he may be, because it appears that he is non-human!!!! *insert shocked expression here*

Meanwhile...all the Mages have separated, and Lucy is left with Wendy. The Treasure Hunters have followed them, imitating cats, and this was a really funny scene IMO. Why does Wendy always attract the weirdos though? >_> Also, FYI, Lala imitates Carla and Drake imitates Happy...not that it matters, but I thought I'd point that out.

The two guys are not just for comedy relief though. They are real villains. They say that the only thing that matters to them is treasure, and then proceed to attack the giants. This pisses Lucy and Wendy off(IT WAS ABOUT TIME!), and the two decide to fight, but the treasure hunters say that they will kill them if the girls get in their way. Great going there, Mashima, you made some cool villains this time!

The shock of the chapter, though, is the epic re-appearance of our favorite evil girl, next to Minerva, Flare Corona. I never really expected her to appear, and in such a way. She makes it a 3-on-3 fight of female Mages against male Treasure Hunters. Who I bet will win? The girls, of course! On another point, it looks like Flare finally joined the it a normal guild? A dark guild? Or maybe an independent guild? We will learn in the next chapter, that is focused in the girls' fight.

This arc keeps getting better and better, guys. The chapters are exciting, the story has a mystery(like, One Piece mystery), the villains are not black/white but have layers, and it looks like characters like Wendy or Lucy will get the chance to shine as well.

What do you think about Flare's re-introduction?

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What do you think will happen with Minerva vs. Erza Round 2?

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 346
Art 10/10
Story 10/10
Fight 5/10
Chapter 9/10

As for the other mangas...they were pretty meh to me >_> not that I paid much attention to them. I started the Battle Royale manga this week, which is pretty awesome, if you ignore some disturbing scenes. Those of you who are okay with gore/blood should check it out sometime.

And, that's it for this week! I thought the review would be short, but I just took my time talking about Minerva ( ._.) anyways, comments are welcome. See ya!

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