After a week of no reviews due to chapters arriving early, I return, reviewing this week's chapter. Unfortunately, I am not excited as I was last week, since there's no Minerva this week >_> but anyway, let's get this over with.

We get yet another cover featuring Sting and this somehow disappoints me because I was used to the fanservice of the previous chapter covers >_> but according to it, Sting is "Sabertooth's leader", so I think he probably took over the Master role, after Jiemma and Minerva left.

But anyway, this has nothing to do with the actual chapter, but I thought I'd just point it out. We were left with Team Natsu(minus Erza) chasing those treasure hunters in orderr to get their hands on Moon Drip. However, both eventually stop and decide to fight, which is good >_>

It appears as the Treasure Hunters are not Mages but have exceptional weapons. Natsu gets almost crashed by a guy named Lala, whose weapon of choice is a giant, fist-shaped hammer. Anyway, Natsu gets his arse kicked by this Lala guy. When Gray attempts to interfere, Hiroshi, the second Sylph Labyrinth guy, attacks him with what seems to be an extendable sword.

The best part of the chapter is our view when Wendy forces Lucy to fall down in order to dodge the attacks of the third enemy, who is named Drake and uses a sniper. Lucy, however, has her own sniper, Saggitarius, and orders him to shoot Drake down, but it appears that they are of equal strength.

Erza turns into a kid

Erza as a kid.

Meanwhile, Erza stays back alone, trying to figure out what happened to the giants, and I can't help but think we will soon see Erza vs Minerva round 2. Anyway, Erza figures out that the giants were protecting the Eternal Flame, which is something we all more or less figured out. When she heads to the opposite direction to find the flame, though, the somehow turns to a kid. Erza fans and lolicon fans, rejoice, Erza finally became a loli! I guess Minerva vs. Erza will not come anytime soon then.

On a more serious note, why did she turn to a child? The expression "Erza's time went back" just screams Ultear, and since she was also an Ice-Make Mage, maybe this village has to do with some of her past atrocities in her quest to find Zeref. Or at least that's my theory about this one.

So, all in all, this was a pretty...enjoyable chapter. Nothing to get me too excited about, but nothing to disappoint me either, which is probably good, I guess.

Why did Erza turn into a child?

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Thoughts about this chapter?

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 344
Art 10/10
Story 7/10
Fight 8/10
Chapter 7/10

By the way, have you guys heard about Mashima vs. Oda? A lot of people seem to support the theory that the two mangakas have some sort of vendetta against each other, and this is why so many familiar elements from each mangaka appear in the other's work. What do you think?

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