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First of all, let me start by saying that Mashima will go on a manga-making spree for 2 weeks, bringing us three chapters in one. That's right, a triple issue is expected for next week, and the week after! I guess he has pretty much already figured out how the next arc will begin! Bring it on, Mashima-sensei!!!

Now let's review the chapter. First of all, the cover's awesome, and it's practically a bunch of FT mascots dancing including Plue, who we haven't seen for ages.

Back to the storyline: Natsu came crushing down along with Motherglare and F.Rogue who just got violated and as a result destroyed the Eclipse Gate. This triggers all the Dragons to start disappearing, but Zirconis in particular is too much of a human hater to go that easily >_> so he tries to stomp on Laxus before vanishing for good.

Hisui tries to calm the dude down by walking close to him and telling him that's she's the one responsible for this mess. By mentioning her name, Zirconis starts considering the name "Jade Dragon", but apparently Hisui only mentioned this to make the Dragon disappear without causing anymore trouble >_> I am kinda disappointed actually, I thought there was a bigger connection to this than what met the eye.

Anyway, Atlas Flame and Natsu part ways, and somehow I think their relationship would serve well for some awesome MDM chapter parodies >_>

The Mages start celebrating for sending the Dragons away, and only the Dragon Slayers and the readers are disappointed that they weren't able to defeat even a single Dragon. I somehow like this turn of events, because Mashima writes very short times most of the time so them defeating the all-powerful Dragons would be an asspull full of Nakama force.

By far the best moment, even though short, was Mavis being disappointed as well, because of the DS' inability to kill Dragons. I think this single moment foreshadows the next arcs pretty well. We see some Sting/Rogue talk, some Jerza, some Bisca/Alzack, and then comes the SECOND best part of the chapter.

As most of us or just me >_> thought, F.Rogue became what he became because Frosch died and he gave in to the dark side. He then tells Natsu that Rogue must protect Frosch in a year's time. What will become then, I wonder? >_> I'm really curious about that.

Lucy's Subconscious Thank You to Natsu

NaLu fans must've liked this

Future Lucy is finally able to rest, and it appears that she moves on to the Golden Plains, which probably is another form of the afterlife. There, she meets all her friends, who probably died, and once again they all go together to new adventures.

Back to the battleground, Lucy hugs Natsu and thanks him.

This was an unexpectedly good chapter, IMO. It was a very nice ending in a mediocre arc, but it made up for many bad chapters and foreshadowed the next arcs in a very nice way. The only flaw is that we never saw Minerva again ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

As for the next chapter, they look like the equivalent of filler to an anime, and we'll probably see a huge celebration for the end of the war against the Dragons!

All in all, how much did you like the GMG Arc?

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What do you think the next chapters will be about?

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So that's it for this week. I don't feel like commenting on the other mangas because they were nothing special >_> Ishida becoming OP like Ichigo, Obito getting defeated, and Doflamingo vs. Law about to start. See you guys next week and feel free to vote and comment :)

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 337
Art 10/10
Story 10/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 10/10

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