This was a pretty okay-ish chapter. The cover is nothing to be impressed about unless you're Rem, so on to the actual chapter!

We see some of Laxus and Wendy fighting Zirconis, aided by the Thunger God Tribe + Mirajane, who fight the small fries. Happy's comment "It wasn't me either" when he asked Carla if she was the one who moved them back to time was pretty fine xD

Meanwhile, Arcadios and Yukino encourage Hisui to leave, but she decides to stay there because it's her responsibility. Well, you are pretty useless on the battlefield as you are, princess, so this argument doesn't make much sense.

Anyway, guess who's back with an actual plan? That's right, LUCY!!! Yay for her. Lucy has an idea involving time travelling: she'll destroy the Gates in order for F.Rogue to cease to exist in their time, and alter both the past and the future.

Yukino and Lucy appear to try and do something badass to destroy the gates, with no visible effect on them.

Elsewhere, the utterly boring because the result's already obvious, as well as the lines Natsu will say during it, fight between Natsu and F.Rogue continues.

What's interesting is that Natsu manages to get some emotion out of F.Rogue when he mentions Frosch, but the other man tells him that he will die in the future anyway. Natsu then proceeds to spew some "everyone deserves a future" crap and then Atlas Flame throws Natsu against F.Rogue like a rocket, sending both of them flying against the Eclipse Gates.

Meanwhile, Lucy uses her most useless spirit to try and open the Gates herself, to no avail. Good thing Natsu always seems to be sent flying to her when she needs him (remember Byro in Edolas?).

So, this was the chapter. I wonder if the Dragons are really gone. Somehow, I doubt it >_>

Now, according to Mashima, the next issue is the beginning of a new event in the manga. Does this mean a new arc? And what does "The Golden Plains" means? I'm really interested and curious about the next issue. What are your theories?

What do you think about Natsu's fight with F.Rogue?

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What about the chapter in general?

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Btw, looks like Ichigo's shikai is dual-wielding his two Zangetsus. Will his bankai be dual-wielding two copies of his initial bankai? I hope not >_> As for Naruto, I am pretty disappoint in Orochimaru, but it looks like something's awesome about to happen. Kenichi was pretty cool though :)

Feel free to comment and vote!

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 336
Art 10/10
Story 8/10
Fight 8/10
Chapter 8/10

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