Cover 335

About time >:D

First of all, nice cover. Both fanservice-wise, and art-wise. We Ultear fans do not get enough of either >_>

In this chapter, we are finally reminded that the Dragon Invasion is a tragic event surrounded by injuries and deaths. Bacchus has gotten hurt, Droy is not breathing (though I guess he will not die), Macao is about to get eaten by the mini-Dragon fodder... But most importantly...

Gray just got killed by a Dragon!! It was not a clone, it was not an illusion, it was not in Juvia's head. We get an emotional scene with Lyon and Juvia crying over him, and then suddenly the scene switches to Ultear. She remembers that she used to be an evil bitch until Gray fought with her and saved her, which made her the person she is today...


We get a flashback of an Ultear in her early teens, studying aboard the Grimmoire Heart airship, about a way to recover her lost happiness. The old bastard known as Hades is also there at the time and tells her that she must never use that kind of magic, because although the time may return to the world, it will be stolen for her, and she will die.


Time Arc Lost Ages

Wait...I know where this is going...Mashima doesn't intend to kill off Ultear in order to revive Gray, does he??? D:<

Well...not exactly. Using this Magic, Ultear was able to go back in time for 1 minute. So, all the tragedy described above practically never happened, and it also gave humans the power to predict the Dragons' movements and be able to figh back. So, in a way, Ultear sacrificed her life to give humanity another chance to fight back.

I would like this, had Ultear's last moments not included her thinking that she threw away her life in vain. I would like this, if she knew that thanks to her actions, she saved many, many people. I would like this, had Mashima not been so unfair to her ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Ultear Prop

R.I.P. Ultear Milkovich: Time Mage, Crime Sorcière Member, daughter of Ul.

So, I guess that was it for our favorite time Mage and Crime Sorcière member, Ultear Milkovich. Too bad for all us fans that expected to see her fight (._.) well, what's done is done, and Mashima will probably not bring her back, so..

So...what do you think about Ultear's death?

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So, how'd you rate the chapter?

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Also, some questions arised after reading this chapter:

  • WHY MASHIMA, WHY??? (major Ultear fanboy screaming)
  • How will Meredy and Jellal react to her death?
  • So, humans will defeat the Dragons, simply because they would be able to predict their attacks for 1 single minute? Gimme a break, isn't this just another form of plot armor? -_-
  • Ultear's Arc of Time...I think it could not affect living creatures. Was this spell an exception?
  • More to come...
Raven's Ratings: Chapter 335
Art 10/10
Story 5/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 6/10

On a side note, this week's manga were all pretty good! We got some answers from Bleach, Orochimaru finally made his move on Naruto, and we had some development (not to mention the fanservice) in One Piece. What did you think was the best of the week?

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