Despite the huge title, this chapter had some great development for the characters and the story. But let's take things from the beginning...

First of all, the colored cover looks very nice. The characters remind me job classes from various RPGs...I guess Mashima's gamer nature rose to the surface again this week.

Skipping the chronological table and on to the actual chapter, we see Natsu and Atlas Flame fighting F.Rogue and Motherglare. We finally learn how F.Rogue is able to command all those Dragons; he uses some sort of Controlling Magic on them, and Natsu was somehow able to strip Atlas Flame from the effects of this spell. I still don't get why or how he was able to do that (other than the fact that he is the main character), but I don't complain because hopefully we will see an awesome Dragon fight.

Meanwhile, a powered-up Natsu, having eaten Atlas Flame's flames, steps up to fight F.Rogue once again! So, the sole purpose of having a fire Dragon is for Mashima to help Natsu fight the main baddy once again? >_> I would've prefered him to be "Atlas Thunder" or "Atlas Steel" then, so that Laxus or Gajeel steal the spotlight for once.

We also learn the origin of "The Dragon King Festival". It's an event where Dragons fight Dragons, Humans fight Dragons and Humans fight Humans...okay... so the only reason of using "Demons" to describe it is to make it sound cooler? I am disappoint ._.

But, then again, maybe we will indeed see a Demon or two when and if Zeref arrives.

Now on to my favorite part of this chapter. We finally see what Ultear has been up to, after she saved Natsu. We get a flashback sequence, where Natsu tells her that he will fight F.Rogue, and that no one should hurt this era's Rogue because he is innocent. Ultear and Meredy agree.

HOWEVER!!! This era's Rogue is fighting with his dark side once again, after the Dragon he is supposed to defeat tells him that they cannot kill him, because he is the one who tries to become the ruler of the world right now.

And this made me think...what will happen if neither Rogue nor F.Rogue is defeated? If Rogue stays as is and becomes his future self, he will want to defeat his other Future self who is already the ruler of the world....but if his good side prevails, his future self's good side will also prevail, and if not, they will fight each other anyway.

ಠ_ಠ Anyway.... Ultear looks at Rogue trying to control his dark side, and decides that, in order to save the world, she will have to kill him. Even if it's for the greater good, to me it looks like Ultear has not become completely good again, which, in fact, is nice, because people do not always change that easily. However, if you ask me, I think that Meredy will arrive just in time and prevent her from killing him..

So, all in all, the good points of this chapter are:

  • We learn what the Dragon King Festival is about
  • We figure out what Ultear has been up to so far
  • Ultear reappears and will do something for once!!

And the bad points...

  • We only see a glimpse of every DS's fight and not the actual battle.
  • Still no Minerva ಠ_ಠ I swear, if Mashima forgets about her he will not get away with it.
  • No Demons in the Dragon King Festival D:
  • Natsu takes on the main villain once again.

But since I'm all for quality over quantity, I must say that this chapter was great this week!

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 331
Art 10/10
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Chapter 9/10

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