Let me start by saying that the cover is cool. It's the first time that Kagura looks sexy and awesome and all, and I'm generally not a fan of hers. So, coming from me, it must be true.

Now on to the actual chapter. Sadly, Lucy once again acts as the fanservice girl that is naked and needs saving, when Zirconis grabs her in order to eat her. Wendy uses her support Magic (we also get an epic shot of Mira), but Zirconis is not there just to offer lulz. He sends everyone flying with sheer force, and then...he flies away himself ಠ_ಠ

Wendy and Sitri Fights Zirconis

Epic flying duo is epic

Anyway, we get a nice view of Lucy's boobs, just when Mira enters her Sitri mode to attack Zirconis. Carla delivers Wendy to the huge ass Dragon, and she uses her roar attack, which slightly affects him. Yukino just chills there shouting "Lucy-sama", and Mira/Wendy finally decide to take Zirconis on by themselves. This is going to be pretty awesome, and the Wendy/Carla thing also resembles the fight of Natsu and Happy vs Cobra and Cubelios. So far, so cool.

Natsu and F.Rogue continue their disappointing and utterly boring fight, when a wild naked Lucy appears from the sky and falls on the Flame Dragon Slayer (yay for the Nalu fans, I guess).

In the next few panels, the manga almost turns to hentai, when the two are trapped in a pot-like thingy, and when they finally get out Natsu gropes Lucy's boobs. The two then talk about Lucy almost getting eaten by a Dragon, and Natsu gets an idea...

Jellal Saving Erza From Hatchlings

The moment Carrot and Red died

Meanwhile, Mashima's favorite girl, Erza, gets separated from the others and gets all emo about how she will die. Geez, Erza, that's Fairy Tail, you won't die. Just in the nick of time, Jellal appears and fires his lazers, saving her *insert Carrot major fangirl scream here* and then Milianna arrives as well and gives Jellal a super psycho, evil-looking glare.

In the final scene of this week's chapter, Natsu and Happy fly in the sky, and Virgo delivers to Lucy her future self's journal. I guess it contains something spoilery, but I guess we'll figure out next chapter!

What do you think F.Lucy's journal is about?

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What about the chapter?

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 331
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 5/10
Chapter 8/10

Btw, it's been weeks since I've enjoyed all the weekly manga I generally read. Bleach was cool and a lot of things were explained, One Piece was awesome as usual, Naruto was awesome as well (mainly because of Ino, Kakashi and Minato for finally appearing) and Fairy Tail was, of course, very good. Keep it up, guys!

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