Somehow I expected this chapter to be more epic than it actually was. The title had me think that Lucy would be all awesome out there and redeem herself for her past 2 failures in this Arc. I also expected there to be an epic fight between Dragons and Mages...but in the end nothing happened >_>

Well, where were we...oh yeah, Hisui, Wendy, Happy and everyone else are being all useless and only shout "Lucy, close the doors!". Lucy cannot do it on her own, though, as she does not have the 12 Golden keys. However, Mirajane and Yukino appear, and together, Lucy and Yukino summon the 12 Zodiac Celestial Spirits. The two girls command them, and they close the door. For once, the Spirits are actually being very useful and the Celestial Spirit Mages finally prove their worth. Props to Mashima for that! However, 7 Dragons have already passed to their world (judging by Mashima, number 7 is not just a coincidence here either...)

F.Rogue appears looking all badass once again, and tells Lucy and Yukino that even though they managed to close the doors, 7 Dragons will suffice for his plan, which is eliminating humanity. Is Rogue stupid, or just possessed? >_> He's a human. Maybe he plans to become a Dragon, too, by killing some of his pets. Well I couldn't care less about it. Anyway, somehow he is now able to manipulate the Dragons. One of them is Zirconis, the one that Wendy had revived(does he remember her, I wonder?)

Meanwhile, the Dragons beat the shit out of all the guilds, and Natsu gets back up on a rooftop(why the hell would someone who was beaten that bad get on a roof and not just walk?)...and that's the end of the chapter.

There were 4 major disappointments in this chapter:

  • Lucy was not as awesome as I thought she would be. Yes, she did save the day, but...I'm not even sure what I was expecting at this point.
  • Mirajane was just Yukino's delivery girl. She did not fight at all, she was just there to cheer Yukino up.
  • We did not see a fight of Mages against Dragons!!!! I did expect the Dragons to be stronger than the Mages and eventually beat them and kill some of them, but not that easily. Even against Acnologia, the strongest of them all, they put up a better fight. So why not now?
  • Crime Sorciere just vanished. That's right, they healed Natsu and just disappeared.
  • Natsu is back up. That only means 2 things. One, he will probably beat a Dragon or two(or maybe F.Rogue) despite the state that he's in. Two, I'm pretty certain he will give a motivational nakama speech that will power up the other Mages and this will help them fight back against the Dragons.

However, leaving the above aside, the chapter was pretty cool. The best part probably was the Spirits doing something useful and Rogue being able to manipulate the Dragons.

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And finally...

Did you like the chapter?

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 328
Art 10/10
Story 5/10
Fight 0/10
Chapter 6/10

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