Cover 325

I won't even bother commenting on the pervertedness of this cover

This chapter was full of epicness. It contained pretty much everything that I've been waiting for. It can be summed up as the following:

Natsu and Future Rogue begin their fight, while Lucy and the rest flee. They soon meet up with Arcadios, Datong and Hisui and they are formally introduced to each other (Hisui even congratulates them for their performance in the GMG). As the cannon begins to charge in order for it to be fired at the Dragons, the scenery switches to...

Yeah, that's right, Mirajane and Yukino! Yukino is all emo about how everyone around her becomes miserable, and Mira hugs her and tells her that she has a purpose to live. I'd say otherwise, but with Mashima, all characters have a purpose, so there must be a reason that she and Mirajane are there, while everyone else is elsewhere...we'll soon see ಠ_ಠ

In the GMG arena, the King finally appears and tells everyone that they have to hurry because the Dragons are coming. This was the epic part of the chapter, at least for me. All the guilds are getting together to fight the dragons!! The only thing I disliked is that Gajeel, just like Natsu and Wendy, could not care less, even though they will probably kill their own dragons as well. The good thing is that all those people that have been trolled, like Quatro Cerberus, and Mages from Mermaid Heel or Lamia Scale or Blue Pegasus, will probably finally shine. And of course, I'm expecting Ultear and Meredy to be badass as well >_>

Speaking of which, Jellal appears in front of Lahar and Doranbolt and asks them a favor...Natsu senses that Future Rogue is evil(called it) and, as a Minerva fan, I'm very excited to see what she is up to, now that she ran away from the GMG. All this, plus Lucy finally meeting Hisui and the King crying and proving that he is a good guy, and all the Mages getting together, makes for a great chapter.

By the way, if Rogue is indeed evil, I think that the cannon won't kill the Dragons...that, or the Dragons will come to protect the Mages from Zeref and the Demons, but will be killed by the Earth Land Mages, thinking that they are evil.

So, all in all, even if it was a setup chapter, it was almost perfect. This is the first time I'm giving 10/10 because this shit got me excited. What about you?

What the hell is Minerva up to?

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How did you like the chapter?

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 325
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