Hey guys. For me, this was one hell of a chapter! It did have the traditional ending with Natsu getting over(nakama)-powered, and he will probably fight future Rogue now. But let's take things from the beginning...

We have a Sting cover that will probably make every Sting fangirl happy...other than that, Hisui tells Arcadios that both future Lucy and Future Rogue are on their side, and want to help them prevent the coming of the dragons. What troubled me is what she said about there being more than two future characters in the present time....please Mashima,just goddamn no! >_> Anyway, Hisui says she will take her own sword and fight for her people. Cool...she starts being just a little bit badass, which is good.

Back to Team Natsu, Rogue tells them that someone will close the gate and this will prevent Eclipse 2 project from happening, which will result in only the 10% of Humanity surviving. This reminds me of something...oh wait, didn't Grimoire Heart want to create a world where only Mages(10% of world population) will be able to survive? So, do the Dragons bring back the origins of Magic? I can't help but think that the "Demons" of the GMG have something to do with the creatures Hades summoned....but anyway, I think that Mashima plans to mindf*** us once more, so I won't go deeper than that >_>

Anyway, Rogue attacks Lucy(HELL YEAH HIS INTENTIONS WERE BAD AFTER ALL), but her future self takes the hit instead of her past self, protecting her. As she dies, we get an emotional scene with future Lucy, Happy, Lucy and Natsu, and then...

Wait a moment...


She really did! I didn't see this coming either...good job Mashima, for starting to get unpredictable! Back to topic...when dying, she says that she is from another world...not from the future. So she did not come from the future after all? And how many worlds are there out there, other than Edolas? And how many Lucys are there anyway???

Rogue thinks that she closed the gate without realising, and insists that Lucy must die, despite her saying that she would never close the gate...And then, Natsu gets fired up over future/other world's Lucy's death, and will probably (no matter how much we will hate this..) defeat Rogue, coming 7 years from the future. And that's about it!

Will Lucy really close the gate?

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Did you like the chapter?

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 324
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Chapter 9,5/10

So that's all...see you all next week!

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