Hello everyone. As you can all see, I'm back! Exams are finally over, and I couldn't be happier (╯°□°)╯ so, without further delays, let us start the review of the new chapter, 323, "The Shadow That Comes And Goes"!

I kinda liked this chapter, because for once the Eclipse storyline was not boring, it had a twist and it finally started making sense!

We have a carefree and not at all emo Rogue in the cover, having a meal with Frosch. Good to see those two getting the spotlight for once.

As for the begins with everyone praising Fairy Tail, who won a complete victory. Sting and Lector reunite(still a better love story than Twillight?) and all the guilds are cheering for the winners! The Exceed-Dragon Slayer love story goes on and on, as Rogue promises Frosch that he will become a better man that cares for his friends....okay...I won't bother commenting on that. MDM probably will in his abridged chapter anyway.

Sting and Lector suddenly care for Natsu's well being and that reminds the Fairy Tail Mages that they have not seen the signal yet. Elsewhere...the Garou Knights, who were small fries at first, have now overwhelmed Lucy and co. Natsu can still fight though...

When, suddenly, a wild black wave(shadow?) appears, and engulfs all the bad guys inside, much to the horror of future/pseudo-Lucy. Back to Jellal, Ultear and Meredy, Jellal has began figuring some things out. It looks like future Lucy is a different person, and not the figure he saw at the night of July 3rd (something we knew all along, since the hairstyle did not match).

Meanwhile, Arcadios finds Hisui and Datong, about to start Eclipse 2. He draws his sword, and for a while fans rejoice, thinking that he will get rid of this princess that has been confusing us since her first appearance. However, he just wants to make things dramatic, when he asks Hisui whether she is lying or not.

To cut a long story short, it was the Shadow(Future Rogue) the one who has tricked everyone all along...ಠ_ಠ....

This is the last one I had in mind...Because it makes no senseyet! There are many questions that we could ask, like "Why are you evil?" or "Why did you age so much but Lucy did not?" or "Why is half your hair long and white?" or "Who's your hairdresser?". However, it looks like we have to wait for yet another week, because the chapter is over!

Why do you think Rogue wants to activate Eclipse 2?

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And finally...

What did you think about this chapter?

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 323
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 1/10
Chapter 9/10

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