Hey guys! Missed me? I decided to return this weekend since my exams are not as hard as I thought they'd be ಠ_ಠ it's probably a temporary thing for this week though. So... enjoy me while you still can O_o

Anyway, let's get this over with. First of all, the cover is a present to all Gajeel/Levy fans out there or maybe a warning about Gajeel's death and therefore a tragedy involving Levy?

As for the actual chapter. Gajeel eats Rogue's shadow element and becomes an Iron Shadow-Dragon Slayer. He looks kinda devilish(maybe the dark element corrupts the user?) and Levy is worried about him. Now this is where things get confusing. Gajeel adopts Rogue's ability and is able to use Kawarimi no Jutsu! become a shadow and avoid Rogue's attacks at will. Rogue does the same though. Anyway, at a point, Gajeel manages to somehow pull Rogue out of the shadow he is hiding in, attacks him, and then fires his laser...I mean, uses his EPIC IRON SHADOW DRAGON'S ROAR OF DOOM!!!

The shadow(that most likely is also the aura Jellal, Ultear and Meredy have also been feeling) abandons Rogue's body, and Frosch begs Gajeel to let Rogue go. Gajeel says the fight is over, and then everyone, including Mavis, wonders what the hell happened to Rogue and what sorcery is this.

Back to Team Natsu!!! ...Yay? Nah. Natsu, Wendy and Loke beat up the guards, while the two Lucys stay still and do nothing (Why doesn't present Lucy summon another spirit or use her whip though? She's not had her big moment in this arc yet).

The useless bunch named Garou Knights return...(wait, does that mean they are not as useless as we thought they were? Or does that mean that team Natsu is stupid, and they went all the way in, to the place they fought the Garou Knights? So many questions!) Anyways, this probably means Lucy will get captured again, and this time Carla's freakin' vision will come to pass!

Elsewhere...Arcadios dresses in his white knight armor(the one Carla foresaw, I presume) and he wants to meet the princess. He says she is the one who's lying, and not future Lucy...wait, does that make that bitch evil?? Or not? I think the Hisui/Future Lucy/Arcadios plotline has reignited my interest in it. All those weeks I was wondering why she was smiling in her first appearance, when she mentioned Eclipse II project, since something so serious is going on, but now I do have a few theories as to what she is trying to accomplish >_>

So...that was this week's chapter! It had a few fight panels, and another bunch of setup info...but it was pretty good and it had a twist, so it was fine I suppose.

What the heck's going on with Hisui???

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And finally...

How did you like this chapter?

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As for my ratings...

Raven's Ratings: Chapter 319
Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Fight 2/10
Chapter 8/10

Btw...why did Arcadios wear his combat armor to meet with the princess? Does he intend to beat her? >_>

So that's all! See you all next time...or maybe in a couple of weeks. Even I don't know ಠ_ಠ

All comments and opinions are welcome.

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