This was a mixed chapter, torn between the fight between the two women and the emotional scenes, involving Kagura and her past. I say it was a fine chapter, however it ended a bit too quickly!

The cover is Natsu' being himself...not much to comment on this. The rest of the chapter focuses on the fight between Kagura Mikazuchi and Erza Scarlet...if it can really be considered a fight. Actually all we see is Erza getting beaten to a pulp by Kagura, without her even drawing her sword. Her various armors do not help her protect herself, as Kagura runs through all of Erza's armors before Erza can counter attack! Anyway, the "fight" is pretty fast paced and everyone is at least surprised seeing how miserably Erza loses.

Her mentioning Jellal only makes things worse. Kagura gets pissed and tells Erza that she is the brother of remember him, right? The guy that loved Erza and died protecting was a fine man that died in the friendzone. But anyway. Erza tells Kagura that she is the one who killed Simon and not Jellal, and Kagura is at disbelief first, as she learns that the man she has been hunting down for years is not her brother's murderer....;


*Ahem* Anyway... Kagura eventually believes Erza is honest, and draws her sword, which results in a freakin' bloodfest...Which makes me wonder:

Although Kagura has serious reasons for wanting to kill Jellal, I think she is going a bit too far with Erza there. Erza admitted that her weakness killed him, and it wasn't really her fault that he died. So Kagura didn't have to go that far, and this actually made me dislike her even more (although someone probably has a new favorite chapter now because of her >_>).

Unsheathing Archenemy

Even I admit Kagura is epic here.

Anyway...I don't think that Erza is dead or that she is very seriously wounded. I think that she said "I'm sorry" because she intended to beat Kagura, and when Kagura lost her focus due to her hatred, Erza found the chance to attack and beat her. Alternatively, she really did lose, but knowing Mashima he wouldn't do this to his favorite fairy. And in case he did...Kagura should fear for her life, because Jellal won't forgive her easily.

What happened in the end of the chapter?

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As for the last option of this poll, imagine what a great idea would be of Minerva to switch the locations of Erza and Milianna in the last moment...Kagura would annihilate Milianna, and both Kagura and Erza would...either go insane or kill themselves. It would be massive trolling from Minerva either way!

Did you like the chapter?

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 314
Art 10/10
Story 10/10
Fight 6/10
Chapter 8/10

Looking forward to your comments as always!

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