UPDATE: First of all, Kudos to Fallen, for assisting me by creating a brand new, awesome template. You da man, Fallen! (σ・・)σ Our purpose: teaching lazy Rai how good reviews(and templates) are done (⌐■_■) But enough of this, on to the review...

That was a pretty good and spoilery chapter.

Rufus(who has not gotten rid of his habit speaking or "memories" and using the word "remember" all the time) says that he remembers losing to Gray (GOOD JOB! ALZHEIMER RATE 0%!!!) and then we're back to the Rescue Lucy Team, who try to get out of their prison. They wonder what they should to and decide to go to Hisui and decide about the Eclipse Plan.

Natsu says what we've been thinking all along, that Hisui is the one who threw them there in the first place, and suddenly...THE HOODED WOMAN decided to reappear in front of Natsu and co.! Meanwhile, Hisui is relieved to hear that Fairy Tail defeated the Garou Knights and Datong figures out that Arcadios has not been the real villain all this time, but he was only taking orders from Hisui! And it looks like that this is the truth >_> so yeah, Arcadios is a good guy (or he wants to become king) and has been following Hisui's plans. That's all there is to it. Finally, the reason Hisui threw Fairy Tail in the prisons in the first place was to rescue Arcadios. Nice thinking!

Hisui reveals that if Eclipse #2 Project does not happen, the world as it is known will be destroyed in the next day, but she says she cannot betray the trust of DAT PERSON. Who could it be?

Meanwhile, it looks like Cheria will fight Juvia! A nice fight indeed. Mavis predicts that Erza will fight Minerva but A WILD KAGURA appears and attacks Erza (HELL YEAH! WHAT WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! AND ESPECIALLY this guy >_>. They begin fighting, and suddenly Minerva joins. And of course I had...

FREAKIN' PREDICTED THIS!!!! A three way between Erza Kagura and Minerva. For some reason I am supporting Minerva, but whatever. We'll soon see...

Who do you think Hisui made a deal with?

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How did you like this chapter?

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Raven's Ratings: Chapter 311
Art 9/10
Story 10/10
Fight 7/10
Chapter 9/10

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