Decent chapter. Mashima gave some fanservice to the ladies this time. Leo asks from his fangirls to take his hand and become his prisoners. More like his harem >_> but anyway, on to the actual chapter.

So, Lucy and Yukino prepare to counter attack! Yukino summons Pisches, who is not just two giant fish anymore, but a mother and her child. I must say that it is one of the most well-drawn celestial spirits! The son and the mother look awesome, and Leo actually falls for the mother. Nothing new here. So, Pisches attacks Uosuke, who attempts to counter with Gravity Change, but Yukino summons Libra who brings gravity back to normal.

Uosuke then uses a water attack, and...Pisches is WEAK againist WATER?! What the hell! Now the mother and the son become two fish and go away. Lucy, however, summons...AQUARIUS! Let's hope this time she will be useful and not go on a date on the most critical moment...

Anyway, then we return to Lily, who remembers all his training with Gajeel and so musters up all the strength and spirit he needs to cut through the acid. Meanwhile, we see some EPIC WENDY who says that, since she uses support magic, abnormal status spells will not affect her, but if she has to, she will become the sky dragon, and so she is about to attack as well! And finally Mira, the one we've been waiting for! She says that power must not be used for killing, and that now that she is all alone she can go all out and...she uses her ordinary Satan Soul! Slightly disappointed here. On another note, Natsu gives one of his nakama speeches and annihilates his opponent simultaneously with his friends. And...that's all!

The chapter was ok. I didn't go hullabaloo after reading it, but I guess it was fine. The Garou Knights died too quickly. We didn't see a proper fight. So I'll give this chapter a mere 5/10! Sorry Mashima, better luck next time!

What will happen to Natsu and co. now?

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And finally...

What did you think about the chapter?

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Oh, btw did you notice that every spirit has a personality issue? We found out that the Pisches-kid calls everyone his mother, but we did not find out Libra's issue. I guess we will in the future!

That's all for this week, comments are always welcome!

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