Warning: Pointless rant may lie ahead, as the reviewer wrote this review while reading the chapter this time, instead of reading it as a whole and then commenting on it.

Alright guys, another week, another chapter! Ooooh, nice cover...Gotta love Lucy! But come on Mashima, promoting herself? >_> *ahem* Anyway...

Natsu prepares to fight his opponent, who tells him to repent for his sins...yeah, that's who this guy reminds me of. It's his way of talking, not my fault there(it would be an awesome twist, however, if it was in fact Zeref >_> but even I, the crazy theory inventor, doubt it). We see Makarov's bunch for a while, and they all brighten up the mood a little, and then back to Natsu's fight. So, the guy fights with his surprise there. He aims for the neck. Obviously he does! No surprise here either.

Lily has trouble fighting the Fatty who uses Acid in his attacks. Acid Magic? For some reason, he reminds me of a devil fruit user ಠ_ಠ but let's ignore this for now. Konan(that's how I'll be calling her, deal with it) uses poison papers this time. Poison, paralysis...what's next? Petrification? Sleep? Zombification? MIRA! BEAT HER ASS!!! DON'T JUST STAND THERE AND COMMENT ON HER KILLING INTENT! YOU HAVE PLENTY OF THIS YOURSELF!

Cosmos(who looked like Juvia in that panel) attacks Wendy with her paper bombs...and the sadistic lady almost has an orgasm by seeing Wendy getting hurt >_> and, it looks like she causes Wendy to fall asleep...I expected this from Konan, not her! On Lucy's group, things are not better either. The weirdo(Uosuke, was it?) causes the ground to crumble and everyone almost falls in the lava. Arcadios looks very worried...and that's something that's been worrying me for the last chapters. Is he a good guy after all? Or a bad guy? I don't know anymore! He probably just wants Hisui and tries to act like a boss.

Happy and Carla try to save the day, but the young Exceeds are owned, since this guy also commands Gravity. First Lava, then Gravity? What sorcery is this? Anyway, the young Exceeds fail(so much for the Pantherhappy and Panthercarla theory ಠ_ಠ) and....WHAT THE F**************************************************************************************************************************

ARCADIOS DIED!!! A guy hasn't died like, forever!!! And it's someone who was supposed to be a villain too!...Meh, I'm not sad ._. just...weirded out. Anyway, his last words were pointed at Lucy and Yukino and he told them to meet Hisui, before he was engulfed by lava. What the hell?! She's the one who imprisoned them in the first place! What is the guy thinking?

....No, wait. Ignore all the above. Horologium saved his ass. And then...A WILD LEO APPEARS! He gives Lucy and Yukino back their keys, and with the 12 keys gathered, Team Lucy begins the counterattack...and stupid Uosuke looks scared >_> so much for the most fearsome assassin of the group. Natsu acts like a Nakama boss as well, and the chapter ends around there...

So, in the next chapter we'll probably see Mira, Wendy, Lucy, Lily and Natsu owning the Assassins. At least I hope so. This chapter was so-so, but I loved the ending! It's been a long time since Leo was summoned. Thus, I give it 8/10.

What do you think will happen now that the 12 keys have gathered?

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UPDATE: I meant Uosuke instead of Arcadios, but if I change it now, it will ruin all the votes so far. So just deal with it ._.

And, of course...

How did you like the chapter?

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Thanks for reading. Everything went better than expected with the review's length ◉‿◉ And don't forget! Comments are always welcome!

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