I liked this chapter! Despite being a no fights one, we got backstory on Sabertooth! And a little on Yukino. Anyway...

Let's get on with it! We see a wavering Hisui in the cover, which means she probably understands what is going on and is not another dumb princess, despite her first appearance. Then the scenery switches to the arena, were everyone, and especially Mavis cheers on Gray with a cowboy hat for his victory.

After this we see what everybody's been waiting for-Minerva's scheme. The story switches from when she said "Good.". She mocked her father, telling him they don't need losers, as he taught them. She speaks of the power of feelings that Natsu had and Sting didn't, and tells him to use that from now on as his weapon (Sting is calling his teammate "Miss"? Wtf?) Then it is revealed what everyone thought: Lector is alive, thanks to Minerva! LECTOR FANS, NOW IS THE TIME TO CHEER!

And right when Minerva was beginning to ascend in my list of bitches, she told Sting to be silent, and that she refuses to return Lector to him, until Sabertooth wins, despite Sting's pleads and tears. After this, we are back to team Natsu (with a special NaLu moment for you fans!) and, as I had said earlier and no one had given a damn about back then, Yukino resembles Lisanna (my theory: she's edo-Lisanna).

Anyways, after this the group finds a fallen Arcadios and he warns them of a group of Fiore's mightiest assassins, the-guess what?- Legion of the Hungry Wolves!

What do you think of what Minerva did?

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And, finally...

What do you think about the chapter?

The poll was created at 15:39 on November 9, 2012, and so far 79 people voted.

As I said I personally liked it very much, so it's a 8/10. What are your thoughts on it?

BTW Hate her, love her, did anyone else love her response to Jiemma?

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