This chapter was basically there to show the extent of Mavis' analyzing skills as well as her awesome strategy. It wasn't bad, but not a really exciting one either. Just pretty good.

Here's how it goes. In the beginning. We see Mavis' tactic, which more or less leaves everyone on the guild dumbfounded. She has analysed the other opponents so carefully that she was even able to predict the possibility of the Mages encountering Rufus. Rufus does attack, but Mavis has seen through his trick, and so all the Mages (save Laxus) were able to dodge the attack, which was lightning-based. I won't go on to explain the rest of Mavis' strategy, but the point is that Fairy Tail manages to reach the top again, along with Lamia Scale and Sabertooth. We also learn something that was pretty obvious: The Fairy Tactician used to be Mavis' nickname, for her awesome insight and analyzing skills.

On another point, Natsu, Wendy, and Mira, along with the 3 Exceeds arrive to save Lucy and Yukino. However, it is revealed that Hisui had foreseen this all, and was able to trap the Fairy Tail members + Yukino in a place she called "hell". Quite the cold act from a person who looked so warm and nice at first. She may be redeemed though, because she did look sad after that. I think this is somehow connected with Eclipse #2, but I guess we shall wait and see.

In the finale of the chapter, Gray meets Rufus, and the two prepare to fight.

All in all, it was a good chapter, I would give it 7/10 simply because last weeks' chapters were better.

Why do you think Hisui imprisoned Natsu, Lucy and co.?

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And, finally, the ordinary one...

How did you like this chapter?

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