Another great chapter, with another great twist. More questions are born than solved, but things start getting very interesting!

Okay, on to the summary...Save Lucy group wonders how they will be able to move unnoticed, and Happy has the brilliant idea of dressing Natsu as something that looks like a bear, Wendy as the pumpkin host whose name I don't remember and a sexy hollow? I seriously don't know.

Then we move back to the games. The rules are simple: All around the city, the mages of each guild will fight mages from other guilds to acquire points. Defeating a simple mage gives you 1 point, but defeating the other team's leader (who you do not know) gives you 5 points. In the end, the points are added up to declare the final winner.

The game soon starts, and each team has a different strategy. Others go individually, others in pair, or other combinations. Much to Sabertooth's (and everyone else in the stadium, including Fairy Tail) surprise, Team Fairy Tail does not even move. Fairy Tail gets no points, while Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus start taking the lead in the game. Just when we are about to see Bacchus beat the Lamia Scale guys....he is destroyed by Sting, acquiring 5 points for his team (Talk about extreme trolling on the Quatro Puppy, even in the last day). Kagura destroys Toby and Yuka, getting two points as well.

Minerva then says that they have to avoid Jura and Kagura. Talk about a cowardly tactic, for the best guild in Fiore...Anyway, Puppy continues being annihilated, the fights go on, and now to the interesting part. Mavis reveals that this was her strategy all along, in order for Fairy Tail to win (as she had foreseen all the other battle strategies) and then orders the 5 mages to attack.

So, who do you want to win?

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Now, the second most interesting part! Mirajane manages to have her team inside the building, but then....we see the Princess, who is the spitting image of Lucy, saying that she will begin the eclipse, this part was the most surprising one. Just who is this princess??? What do you think?

Who was the mysterious princess?

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All in all, excellent chapter, another 9/10. I am looking forward to next week.

What do you think about the chapter?

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