Directly to the point....this chapter was EPIC!!!! It was the chapter I was waiting for in 300, only it came in 301! No big deal...anyway, we learn so many spoilers on this one! We learn about the origins of the Dragon Slayers, the mystery of Acnologia and what the Dragons in that Graveyard used to be.

Anyway, on to the summary...Wendy uses Milky Way (which, in fact, was too epic for being just a communication spell) and a Dragon, or, more appropriately, the spirit of a Dragon, called Zirconis, the Dragon of Jade. He is a rather stupid and awkward Dragon, but he serves his purpose. He reveals that Dragons in the past were the ultimate rulers of the planet, and humans only served for their food. However, some of them said that humans should be treated equally, and so taught Dragon Slaying techniques to them, creating the first Dragon Slayers...

Some, though, did not appreciate this! They killed the dragons, but one of them used his powers too much, and became a Dragon himself (at this point, I knew who he was talking about, because until then that my mind travelled to Zeref). Yeah, you guessed correctly! Acnologia used to be human. No wonder that the Dragon Slayers who unleash their Dragon Force partially become Dragons...both 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation ones. Which means, there is a price to pay for using such destructive techniques.

Anyway, soon Arcadios and Yukino appear. He said that Acnologia was transformed into a Dragon by Zeref...who should be eliminated, in order to defeat Acnologia. Now that's weird coming from Arcadios, given that he looked like Zeref's right-hand man, calling him a "lord"....And that's about when the chapter ends. Many questions were answered, but many more were created, like:

  • Why is Arcadios, who seems to be Zeref's right-hand man, calling him "lord", plotting againist him? Or is he simply trying to use the other Mages for his own profit? What does he want to accomplish?
  • The Zeref/Acnologia connection...Zeref seemed pretty frightened of the beast, so I doubt he was the one to create it. However, undoubtedly they are connected somehow. I still insist on my theory, that Zeref learnt his magic from Acnologia.
  • How did the Arcadios know where the Mages would be?
  • ...Where the heck is Erza???
  • What does Lucy Layla Levy Erza Yukino the mystery woman have to do with all this? A crazy scenario is, she is not someone from the future, but the fact, she may be the human that became Acnologia...for all we know.

Okay, so the polls of the week will be simple...

Arcadios is...

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And, finally, your opinion about the chapter!

This chapter was...

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Personally, if I could rank it, it would be a 10/10, which I've rarely given to Fairy Tail for a while. Awesome story, art, spoilers... And did I mention the cover's epicness? If not, I do now. Everything was awesome! What do you think about it?

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