Okay, sooo, this is my first review blog post because I found that chapter worthy of being reviewed.

This chapter had some epic moments, but it was another one of those chapters preparing us for something big... Basically, the chapter begins with Jellal regrouping with Ultear and Meredy, telling them what happened although we still learn nothing about the mysterious Zeref woman. After this, smirking Minerva, Rufus and Orga proudly watch as their master beats the crap out of Sting and Rogue and demands their excommunication by erasing their guild stamps (by the way, those calling Jiemma a sexist were probably right since he did not publicly humiliate Sting and Rogue).

Guess who saves the day, though? Lector, who steps up and defends Sting and Rogue, saying defeats are important too in order for someone to get stronger (despite crying his eyes out when they lost). However, Master Jiemma, having an alzheimer issue, has totally forgotten making Lector and Frosch members of his guild, and so decides to destroy a helpless Lector, this time giving everyone on the guild (except one member only) the reaction we had been waiting for ever since Minerva mercilessly beat Lucy. Rogue protects Frosch and a devestated Sting attacks his master with an attack that would kill a normal person....but a relaxed and calm Minerva looked like she totally enjoyed this...

which means

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Anyway...The three Dragon Slayers of Fairy Tail, along with their Exceeds and Lucy and Gray, visit the Dragon Graveyard and Wendy somehow figures out that she can communicate with the dead dragons' souls using the spell Milky Way. Finally, we see the unknown Zeref woman writing something (horrible handwriting in my opinion makes her NOT Lucy, especially since she is an aspiring writer, and writers are supposed to have readable letters) and then just...leaves, leaving the man who noticed her note wonder what she means and why she leaves random notes on public places.

So, that was chapter 300! What do you think about it?

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