This blog post is about something that has been bothering me ever since Exceeds were introduced in the show (not meaning Happy and Carla, but all those Exceeds in Edolas) and especially Nichiya. By the introduction of this Exceed, it was kind of implied that it is possible for humans in Earth Land to have Exceeds as counterparts (Ichiya has Nichiya as a counterpart).

So, does that mean that all Exceeds have counterparts in Earth Land, meaning that Happy, Carla and Pantherlily also have counterparts? Here's my previous theory that was ruined soon after some thinking, as well as the 260th chapter of the manga.

Raven's Former Theory

We do not know if the Dragons' origin is Earth Land, Edolas or any other world. However, since they used to live in Earth Land, it can be assumed that this is where they were born. Dragons like Igneel, Grandeeney and Metalicana trained humans, teaching them the lost magic of the Dragon Slayer, before disappearing, leaving the human kids all alone. Or rather, almost all alone. Soon after the Dragons disappeared, the Dragon Slayers met with their Exceeds. Natsu met Happy and Wendy met Carla. Same for Sting and Rogue. So, what if the Dragons and the Exceeds have a special bond, or rather, what if those Exceeds are the Edolas counterparts of the Dragons? The Dragons could ask them to help and guide the Dragon Slayers in their place, before disappearing. This theory is also strengthened by the fact that Second Generation Dragon Slayers, who got their powers by lacrimas and not Dragons, do not have Exceeds as partners.

Why This Theory Sucks

  • Dragons are very old, and Exceeds like Happy, Carla, Lector, Frosch e.t.c. did not exist back then.
  • This theory does not respond to Gajeel's story, since he did not receive an Exceed until much later. However, he has been late in many things that Dragon Slayers have from an earlier point, an example of this being motion sickness.
  • Because now we know that Grandeeney's Edolas counterpart is Porlyusica.
Ichiya posing

The only known Earth Land counterpart to an Exceed...

However, even if this theory does not respond to reality, there are still many questions left unanswered, such as:

  • Do Exceeds have counterparts? Sure, Nichiya does have Ichiya, but what if he is an exception, used only for comedic purposes? If Exceeds do have counterparts, why has not Happy's or Carla's been introduced, or at least mentioned?
  • Why is Gajeel late in everything, regarding his Dragon Slayer abilities? He did not have an Exceed until the Edolas Arc, and his motion sickness first appeared in the Grand Magic Games. So, what is so special about Gajeel in particular, making him different than most Dragon Slayers?
  • Finally, why does every Dragon Slayer (who learned the art by a Dragon) have a special bond with a certain Exceed?

Please comment below, giving your own ideas, thoughts, theories, comments and everything else you want to discuss!

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