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aka Ez-Ez

  • My occupation is Airman First Class, Full Time older sibling to 3 brothers and 1 twin sister and 1 10 year old....
  • I am patiently awaiting that animation of quite a few things.
  • Ezere Fernandez

    I have 6 things to say about this one :

    1: Bickslow is not supposed to be hit by cows.

    2: Jackpot is creepy.

    3: The dinosaur is cruel.

    4: Mest you're a moron, thy're back.

    5: Erza and Ever are gonna torture Max.

    6: Bickslow is not to be hit by cows damn it! TT_TT

    Sorry for useless blog XD

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  • Ezere Fernandez


    I got this from another site, I'll admit. But, to do this, come here as an anonymous user (or signed in IDC) and tell everyone anything, from unhealthy fan obsessions to who you hate to what your theories are!

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  • Ezere Fernandez

    Ok this is the LAST ONE! (until that end of FT, which will come around in 7 freaking years hopefully) the most badass part.... of this wiki's focus XD!

    BADASS TIMES DAMMIT XD When Natsu,Lucy,Gray,Wendy and Happy all stand up in Nirvana Natsu Beating Jellal Natsu Destroying the Nirvana Lachryma with Dragon Force Natsu Vs Gajeel Makarov Uses Fairy Law againt Jose Fairy Tail's Unison Raid Natsu VS Gildarts Gildarts tearing Blunote down Laxus VS Hades Natsu,Lucy,Wendy,Erza,Gray Taking Down Hades The entire population of Exceeds protecting their home Zefer Kills Hades Wendy, Gajeel, Natsu Vs Faust Gajeel and Natsu VS Laxus Gajeel VS Panther Lily Mira VS Freed Bickslow VS Gray Evergreen VS Erza Laxus Pwning Raven Tail

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  • Ezere Fernandez

    This is a partner to my other blog of the saddest moments of FT. but this is the angel twin of it XD.

    Happiest Moments Of Fairy Tail Lucy Being Accepted into Fairy Tail by All Members Lissana Returns Happy's Birth Tenrou Team Returning Gray And Lyon Make Up Gildarts Finds out Cana is his Daughter Laxus Returns Makarov Saved by his Kids

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  • Ezere Fernandez

    Okaaayso i started thinking, "i wonder what everyone thinks the saddest part of FT is?" sooo.. i came up with this. i'll make a partner blog asking what the happiest one is, but i'm working on this currently.

    Saddest part of Fairy Tail Lisanna's Death Igneel Disappearing The Orignal Guild Hall Destroyed Lucy's Father Dying Lucy's Mother Dying Cana Meeting Gildarts Without Him Knowing Her Tenrou Team Dissappearing Ur's Death Makarov Sacrificing Himself for his Kids Laxus Excommunicated Simon Dying

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