This weeks chapter seems to be pretty good for it continues to hype more into the power of Hades and even better, Minerva is confirmed to still be alive so we can see how much stronger she gets.

This time on the cover is Hibiki from Blue Pegasus who i honestly don't care too much about. Seriously where is the Kagura cover ? I want to see a kagura cover at this point, i can honestly care less about Blue Pegasus.

Anyways we cut to the Tartarous guild where we see Tempesta regenerating from his self inflicted wounds from his his magical particles attack. It seems that using that move caused Tempesta to lose his memories and it would take him a day to regenerate within HQ however due to " A certain magical bitch", it's going to take longer for Tempesta to regenerate.

By certain magical bitch , i mean Minerva whose revealed to be alive and regenerating within the healing pod. First of all, Minerva is alive, which is pretty good because i really want to see her against Sabertooth or Erza again and see how much further that conflict can go and second Minerva is naked, nice. Also what does Kyouka mean "Suited for Hades? " Does she mean Hades from Gilmore Heart? Is she planning to use Minerva as a host to Hades ?

This further leaves no doubt that Tempesta was holding back against Laxus if these demons are comfortable of making Minerva one of their own. Consider this factor, Minerva has shown to be a match to the likes of Erza whose on par with Laxus and not only stated to being superior to the Twin Dragons but shown feat wise stronger than the Twin Dragons considering she blocked one of Natsu Dragneel's powerful Lightning Flame Dragon techniques with her barriers whereas Natsu was able to defeat both Sting and Rouge in Dragon Force without needing to transform.

Now picture how insanely powerful she'll be with a demon transformation or power boost. Her power would easily outclass the likes of even Erza within Nakagami Armor or Laxus within Dragon Force. Hell she would equal 5 Erza's with that insane power boost and i highly doubt the Tatartos Guild which are shown to be fairly competent would be giving someone like Minerva enough power to potentially surpass them either so they're far stronger than what was shown lately and likely have much more tricks up their sleeve.

More to the point though is that they seem to have at least several dozen demons at their disposal( though likely none as powerful as Minerva considering her feats) as hinted by Kyouka referring to Minerva as " A new child " and Franmalth notes that Doriate was possibly human at one point but a much weaker demon. Tartaros is a big problem if they can easily tame someone as monstrously strong as Minerva and not fear her getting a greater increase in power.

Back to the point, Franmalth seems to be a pretty cool demon, having some characteristics similar to Bickslow as seen with him seemingly grimacing all the time and seems to speak within a sarcastic tone as seen with him asking Kyouka about how long it took her to make Doriate a demon and ridiculing Tempesta for using his anti magic particles so freely. Tempesta then regains some memory about Fairy Tail foiling his assassination attempt which causes Minerva to violently react while within the pod . Kyouka then notes that Fairy Tail already defeated Gilmore and Oracion Seis and acknowledges them as a thorn on their side.

Meanwhile back at the guild, Natsu tries to brashly take action by attack Tartaros despite not knowing where their guild is at and needs to be restrained by several fodder mages from charging out head first . Makarov agrees with Natsu for once however him and Erza note that no one knows the goals of Tartaros or know where their HQ is located. Lucy then reminds everyone that their goal is to kill all counselors both past and present which Gray then states that they need to protect the Ex counselors but don't know where but thanks to Loki's connections to one of the counselors, he tells all the information of where they're hiding.

After learning the locations, each group goes into teams to find and protect the Ex counselors with Gajeel, Pantherlily and Levy seeming leading their own teams, Elfman and likely Lisanna probably going in with Mirajane to protect another Ex counselor, Erza likely going with Gray and Juvia to protect Jellal and Natsu, Lucy and Wendy protecting their own Ex counselor. Porlyusica then asks for one of the members to fight and get a sample of Tempesta's blood to hopefully get a cure, implying that the Anti Magical Particles are incurable even to Porlyusica's healing and medical prowess.

We also get some potential shipper fuel within the middle of this chapter with Elfman promising Evergreen that he'll avenge her and make whoever did this pay for hurting her while Mirajane acknowledges Laxus's bravery and heroism for saving hundereds of lives and his comrades(possibly unable of the few hundred still dead in Hargeon Town) which also encourages LaxusxMira shippers (Still prefer ErzaxMira)

Makarov then gives his guild a morale speech preparing them to all fight to their fullest against Tartaros and avenge the fallen guild members and the innocent lives that Tartaros destroyed and the magic council they've attacked and vow to exterminate the Tartaros guild who are enemies to their family.

A while later, Natsu, Lucy and Wendy are protecting Ex Counselor Mielo, a cat like humanoid within his manor with the counselor wondering how they got his address considering he's under witness protection. Clara explains that they're protecting his live while trying to ambush whoever is out to kill him. Mielo tires to leave with his granddaughter Mikelia ( Who Wendy learned being one of Loki's girls) but his daughter doesn't allow it, before any of them can asset what the motives of Tartaros are, they're attacked by Jackal of the Tartaros Guild, the one who singlehandedly killed the entire Magic Council.

However Natsu manages to shield everyone by eating the fiery explosion( which confirms that Jackals regular attacks are fire based and not a good matchup against Natsu) The chapter ends with Jackal announcing his intentions to kill the ex Councilman they're protecting and Natsu more than ready to kick his ass. Let's hope that Jackal has much more up his sleeve than regular explosions otherwise he's going to lose badly and let's hope that the fight with Natsu and him is at least longer and better than Laxus two shotting Tempesta and hope White Legacy would be some Uber cheap spell which kicks Natsu's ass.

Overall,excellent chapter that puts alot of buildup into the arc and sets the tone nicely for the arc. Minerva being revealed to be alive and possibly returning much stronger than ever also gives me hope that Tartaros has yet to even bring out their A grade and gets me more hyped to seeing how many more demons they have at their disposal and what other bag of tricks they have at their disposal. Overall i have no complaints about this chapter.

Overall: A+

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