This chapter had some unexpected twists within the storyline and for the most part is pretty good however the only major drawback is the fight with Laxu was too short and too one sided but more on that as i review the chapter.

The chapter begins with Laxus confronting one of the Nine Ghost Gate members, Tempesta. Laxus manages to save the lives of his comrades and Yajima from the would be assassin and prepares to deal with the threat in hand. Tempesta then reveals that he is a demon and one of Nine Ghost Gates and that he's been sent by Tartarus and process to attack Laxus.

Laxus not having any of it goes full power from the start and process to speedblitz his opponent. Tempesta tries to land hits on Laxus but the demon is too slow to keep up with Laxus lightning speed, once the demon Tempesta is baffled, Laxus appears behind him and takes him down with a single attack, seemingly knocking the demon out,seriously that's it  ?

This is what drags down this chapter for me, i was honestly expecting Tartarus to be much tougher than this, not a force that can easily be beaten by Laxus or Erza. I'm aware that the demon was likely caught off guard given he wasn't expecting anyone that strong to appear to stop him yet and if he's anything like Doriate( A much weaker demon), he has a much stronger Demon Form but even with that regard, this wasn't a good showing of the physical capabilities of Tartarus and i really hope future battles aren't like this.

Anyways after defeating Tempesta , Laxus asks Yajima what to do with Tempesta. Yajima explains that the Magic Council was the primary branch of the magic world and with the main branch wiped out , all other branches of government has ceased function. So does that mean that there is no government and the whole country of Fiore has been thrown into complete anarchy and have thrown all the other guild and organizations within Earthland into complete chaos? 3 chapters in and Tartarus has already damaged the magic world to such a large extent with their plans.

After learning the truth that the Magic Council government , Freed then decides to have Tempesta token into the Fairy Tail guild for questioning with Evergreen being more than happy to tie up Tempesta( Am i the only one who thinks Evergreen would make a great Dominatrix  ? She seems to like tying people up) but before they can do that , Tempesta wakes up and expresses his shock of Laxus strength and the fact he's from the Fairy Tail guild and that he has to die once.

Tempesta then reveals that he's seemingly capable of killing himself and in the process unleashing a deadly poison onto the surrounding environment. Tempesta then reveals his most powerful spell ,Magical Barrier Particles, a powerful spell comparable to a natural disaster that destroy the Eternano in the atmosphere and pollutes the air with toxic gas that causes physical illness and damages magic can cause both Magic deficiency and illness, the only drawback is that Tempesta has to revert to his original body within HQ.

Thunder Tribe and Yajima struggle to survive within the deadly mist as they struggle to avoid breathing too much of the toxic gas. The gas manages to incapacitate and start fatality damaging Bickslow, Evergreen, Yajima and Freed. Laxus then pulls an Erza and makes a noble sacrifice to save his comrades and uses his super strong lungs to suck away as much of the poison away from his comrades as possible and in the process saved thousands of lives in the process. Now this was a true beast moment for Laxus, he proved that he's one of the best characters within the series for he's willing to put his own life in danger to save thousands more.

A few hours later, it's revealed that Thunder Tribe, Laxus and Yajima survived the attempt against their lives. Porlyusica reveals that they survived but are heavily damaged, Porlyusica then notes that the power of the poison could've easily killed normal humans and it's a miracle that anyone can survive it let alone Laxus who absorbed enough poison to potentially kill thousands of people at once.

Makarov then explains to Freed that Laxus saved a good number of people within the town and had not for Laxus, everyone would've died within the process however Makarov is only telling half truths. Laxus saved alot of people however the town itself remains uninhabitable for the most part and 100 people still died from the poison( which is much better than the entire town ) and the poison is still active and possibly killing more people. It's likely this poison can still kill even more people if we consider the physics of smoke and fallout radiation, it can spread to other towns downwind and really cause more chaos.

Erza then points out that Jellal's own life is in danger for he's a former member of the council and possibly a threat or liability to whatever Tartarus is planning,stressing that the guild needs to save him and possibly hinting he's next on the hit list of the Tartarus guild.

As all the other members of the guild grieve at the cruelty of Tartarus doing everything from assisting members of the Magic Council and paralyzing the government to wiping out an entire town with deadly poison due to a failed attempt on Yajima's life, Natsu shows his rage and declares war on Tartarus.

Like i said before, this chapter was pretty good however what prevents this chapter from getting an A or even A+ was the rather short fight involved which kinda downplays the buildup and power of the dark guild Taratus but it's made up by the fact that Tatarus still did serious damage to the stability of Earthland and have caused a climate of fear and despair for anyone involved, not to mention the fact they successfully taken out one of the strongest wizards in Fairy Tail and one of the strongest teams within Fairy Tail.

Also Yajima is far from safe, there's no doubt that he'll be targeted again once they learn that he's still alive for they're out for some unknown reason after the lives of former Magic Council members. Who would be left to protect Laxus , Thunder Tribe and Yajima from other assassins  ?

Anyways can't wait to see what happens next week.

Overall: B+

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