This weeks Fairy Tail was a great series of chapters. This week really got me back into the Fairy Tail spirit after the massively disappointing chapter 337. While i still hold Mashima accountable for the cop out ending of the Dragon King Festival mini arc, i have to say that Mashima has managed to make up for it greatly with the 6 chapters in 2 weeks gimmick. I really wish that Mashima does this more often as well as other manga series.

Fairy Tail 341

The chapter begins with you guessed it , fanservice. We first see Mirajane and Lisanna nearly naked in the bathhouse, i think i almost died of a nosebleed there.

One of the funniest moments within this chapter was Jet and Droy trying to act tough and such trying to do a mission without Levy,Gajeel or Pantherlily only to be captured by fodder and they have to be saved by Gajeel and Pantherlily . Another really funny moment was Cana trolling Lucy about Natsu groping Lucy and Cana appearing to be jealous of Natsu groping Lucy so she gropes Lucy for the lulz. That's the second time Cana has groped Lucy, the first time was back within the Tenerou Island Arc and now here. I'm starting to think Cana might swing the other way if you know what i mean, especially since she's groping Lucy while both of them are naked and really seems to be enjoying it. Hell given Cana stated that she "also wants to have a taste" of what Natsu had and Natsu was blatantly sexual in nature to Lucy, this further confirms alot of yuri fanfiction with Cana involved. On a sidenote, i think even Lucy might be playing for the other team . Remember back at chapter 331, she was quick to push off Natsu no sooner he gropes her however she let's Cana touch her for a while and even is seem blushing from it. Just wanted to leave that out there. Now if you excuse me, i need to clean up the blood on my keyboard and some other things .

Also note that Levy seems to be quite jealous of Cana groping Lucy, i always had a feeling Levy might be secretly wanting Lucy, then again maybe i'm reading too much fanfiction because we all know Levy is for Gajeel right  ? Still it's quite funny to see Levy jealous of Can and Lucy's breast size and thinking about Wendy given she's the only one she can relate to in terms of no cleavage. Am i the only one that thinks Levy is still hot even if she's flat chested. ( After cooling down from the excessive fanservice ).

Disappointingly enough we get now fanservice with Erza naked however we do get a page of her cosplaying as Elie from Rave Master with Wendy cosplaying as Haru and Carla cosplaying as Plue . It was another very funny moment to see Erza attempting to act as well as Wendy only to fail to convince the audience. I have to say, even though Wendy was too tiny to be Haru, she actually did look alot like him. That was a good costume and makeup job there.

We then cut back to the guild where Flare has appeared with Levy at first mistaking her for Erza , Cana goes to attack Flare but Lucy tackles her down and their boobs are touching each other , then Flare uses her hair powers to wash every part of Cana and i think i need another break . Yeah the fanservice is more over the top than usual, especially with the Yuri overtones, not that i have a problem with it ,XD.

On a more serious note, Flare is thinking about joining Fairy Tail but is unsure whether to join the guild. I think it would nice to have her part of the guild given she seems fairly strong, especially since she held her own with Lucy and while Lucy is hardly S class material,at least not yet, she 's fairy strong for a celestial wizard. I also hope Yukino joins as well or at least joins back with Sabertooth or goes to Mermaid Hell with Kagura. On another sidenote, am i the only one who thinks that Flare would end up being good friends with Juvia  ? They both were once on the antagonists side and both seem to be rather .

Anyways after the half a chapter of fanservice, we see Lucy head to her home concern of her rent only to see Erza in her house and disappointingly wasn't alone or within Lucy's bathtub.Seriously Mashima, no nude Erza  ? Come on, she's the hottest woman within Fairy Tail (Second to Kagura nowadays ) and you don't have her naked at all within this fanservice chapter ? How hard is it to wish to see Erza naked with Mirajane having a catfight latent with yuri overtones  ? XD.

Okay back to the point, Wendy and Erza are within the house explaining how well their play went perfectly. I guess Erza isn't aware how bad of an actress she is isn't she  ? I actually found this quite funny given how seriously Erza seems to take plays as seen within fillers. Anyways Erza and Wendy celebrate with their reward of sweets by offering Lucy some before realizing that Natsu and Gray have yet to return from their mission within 3 days .

It's then revealed by Happy who looks like he hasn't slept in 3 days that Natsu and Gray have been fighting for that long against each other. Looks like Natsu and Gray have some unresolved tension and despite Natsu's increases of strength, Gray can still hold his own fairly well against him . Anyways Erza tires to break the fight only to get hit by their fist which they both realized they accidentally hit Erza and it seems that even with both of their powerups, they're still not above the almighty Erza.

After dragging Gray and Natsu back to the guild, Makarov gets a special request from one of Top 4 Saint Wizards of the land , the Four Heavenly Kings of Ishgai and it request specifically Natsu and Gray for the mission so of course, Wendy, Erza and Lucy tag along and that's where we transition into the next arc .

Overall, very good chapter . The fanservice was delightfully over the top and the comedy was very funny. Good game Mashima.

Overall :A +

Fairy Tail 342

This chapter continues where we last left off. Team Natsu is given a special request from one of the Top four Saint Wizard's , Walrod . Erza, Lucy, Wendy and Carla accompany Happy, Natsu and Gray to the Ten Wizard Saint's house and as they walk , they marvel at the beauty around the tranquil grasslands within Walrod's living quarters.

One thing you notice very quickly is that Natsu and Gray are bickering with each other more than usual and even in front of Erza nowadays. Way back within the start of the series, they were far too afraid to even show even the slightest signs of conflict to each other lest they induce the wrath of Erza and now they're arguing brazening in front of Erza not seeming to care about pissing her off at this point. Either they've grown to dislike each other even more than they already did or they're confident that they can handle Erza now and hence why they're openly hostile to each other .

Speaking of Erza , holy crap, did she get even hotter  ? That new armor of hers makes her look even hotter , seriously Mashima, you really know how to make Erza look even hotter each new arc. Anyways Erza tells Natsu and Gray to be on their best behavior in the presence of the Saint Wizard . Erza also further explains a bit of history regarding the Saint Wizards and the Four Heavenly Kings of Ishgai (which seems like a bit of a homage to the Four Heavenly Kings from the Toriko series in a way) and how Fiore was once called Ishgai after the continent that this country is located within.

We then finally meet the man known as Warlod and he's weird, even by Fairy Tail standards. He appears to be a old tree humanoid who's really eccentric and likes water plants and likes making jokes. This guy kinda reminds me a bit of the Grand Supreme Kai from DBZ in which he was an old eccentric oddball.

One of the funniest moments within the chapter was when Walrod confuses Natsu and Gray for Happy and Carla which really showed that he was a very eccentric old man with a unpredictable humor. We also learn that Walrod seems to have a hobby of making plants grow within arid environments to prevent the spread of deserts and preserve arable land and among his journey, he came across a strange village that worshiped an everlasting flame as a guardian deity however the entire town was frozen by a mysterious ice that is very similar to Ice Shell, it's even stated that people are alive within the ice despite being frozen alive .

Walrod explains that the reason he hired those two because their powers might help in reverse the effects of the ice freezing the entire town. Erza points out that this shouldn't be a problem for a Saint Wizzard of his level to do on his own in which Walrod replies explaining how the Ten Wizard Saints aren't just chosen on the aspects of raw pwe but each have their own specialties and skills and it seems that the ranks of the Saint Wizards are determined more on the basis of skill , technique , power, speed and experience which makes it different from the Espada which are ranked based on raw power( and hopefully going to be written alot better too ) .

Still i think Walrod is downplaying his skills too hard in the form of modesty . He claims that he lacks offensive abilities and that a mere youngster armed could probably beat him which i call bullshit on for several key reasons. First of all ,Lucy who's much less experienced and skilled than any Saint Wizard or S Class defeated a shotgun wielding thug with a single kick to the face back within the pre timeskip and Wendy was still able to keep up with Natsu and Gajeel despite lacking offensive abilities so don't buy that Walrod is anywhere close to as weak as he claim he is.

Anyways ,Walrod summons a massive tree to transport Team Natsu and helps them get to their destination faster, yeah i still have trouble buying Walrod can't be all that strong when he can control mother nature and grow trees to the length of entire countries to transport people to entirely different regions. As Walrod watches them go, he praises the group's youth and spirit we get a flashback 105 years ago when he was within his late teens or early twenties when he was still within Fairy Tail. If anything he was with Hades and a yet unknown man who looks like Makarov (Who's probably Makarov's father ). It's revealed that Walrod was a original member of Fairy Tail and was with the founding leader of Fairy Tail . My question is, how old is Mavis  ? She still looked the same back 105 years ago and now she looks no different ,granted she's a ghost and can't age but that only leads to the question how young was she when she founded Fairy Tail and when she died  ? Walrod then thinks to himself and stated that Mavis feelings are still being inherited by Fairy Tail to this day.

So far so good , overall good chapter and it seems like Fairy Tail is going back to it's roots. Overall: A+

Fairy Tail 343

This chapter begins with Team Natsu arriving at the Village in the Sun. Team Natsu look around the town searching for survivors within the frost covered wasteland,just when it seems there was nothing there, they see a giant they're standing directly under it. We get a pretty funny gag about Lucy having large boobs( Even though Erza is just as large if not larger ) and Wendy being flat chested . It looks like Team Natsu managed to reach the land of giants before the Strawhats did going by this chapter, hopefully Broggy and Droggy aren't frozen as well ,XD.

Anyways Gray looks at one of the Giants and is reminded about about Deliora back on Galuna Island, and thinks about Ur and Ultear. Going by the fact this is all created by a derivation of Ice Shell, i can tell that this arc is going to be highly centered around Gray and more on the developments of Ur and Ultear to close up gaps within character development and continuity between the characters before moving on to another character or focus.

If anything, given Mashima implied that there would be 5 chapters with 2 smaller arcs, i can conclude that this arc would be about Gray and possibly someone close to Ur like her master or a relative, the next arc would probably be about Wendy, the following arc might be about Erza, the second to last arc being Lucy and possibly a missing link between the mystery of her powers and Zeref and the last arc being of course Natsu who with a bunch of Dragon Slayers face off Acnologica. Anyways, Gray and Natsu attempt to melt the ice but it's a futile effort as the ice wouldn't even bulge which causes Gray to think more about Ultear and Ur and more about Ice Shell possibly being a cause of this.Anyways just when they appear to be the only people in the village a group of Treasure Hunting Mages appear. They're intentions are to rob the town of it's eternal flame, planning to use the opportunity of the Giants frozen to steal the flames by carrying a liquid form of Moon Drip that they will use to obtain the flame. Knowing that can be used to help restore the town, Fairy Tail pursues the Treasure Hunters for it. Of course those guys don't seem to be much of a threat ,especially compared to Erza, Natsu and Gray and i think even Lucy can take them in a fight.However this arc would be quite boring if these guys were fighting the treasure hunters as the main bad guys , thankfully we have much stronger and more threatening villains not too far from here.

Meanwhile within a nearby cave, we see two people watching over Fairy Tail. We then see a mysterious woman appear talking about how Fairy Tail is a guild not to be underestimated. We then see that that woman is none other than GRANNY GOODNESS ! Okay only kidding,had to reference a Linkara joke within this review.

Nope it's Mirevana

MIRVEANA HAS RETURNED ! To be very honest, i miss her douchebaggery! Yep i was actually wondering what they're going to do with her next. She was actually a pretty good heel back within the Grand Magic Games and i felt she seems to sadistic and cruel to just be a rival of Fairy Tail and given she enjoys torturing people, she seemed like she'll the making of a pretty good villain and she was very fun to hate. Mirevana is one of those " love to hate " characters . I'm very curious to see what she's going to do to get some vengeance on the guild that humiliated her.

Also on a sidenote, Mirevana can really make wearing black look good. Seriously i might hate her guts and everything she represents but she is one hot motherfucker. She can really give Erza and Kagura a run for their money in the looks department.

One little nitpick i have though is that she's being called the " embodiment of evil " , don't get me wrong, Mirevana is a complete and utter douchebag and seems about as likable as Balatamero but i don't think we can call her the embodiment of evil . Hades is pretty much the most evil man in Fairy Tail given he wanted to exterminate most of world and allow only mages to exist which is pretty much sounding like something Hitler or Stalin would do and even then ,he doesn't seem to be as evil as Acnologia now have the aura of darkness as Zeref. While Mirevana is no doubt pretty powerful, i still say she's sit a tad shy of Hades in power who was shown to be above Marakov who's more or less still above Gildarts and Jura and Erza and Laxus are currently around that level of power. Anyways it's been implied that Mirevana was given some sort of power up as it stated that she has "newfound powers " , possibly given to the real main villain of this arc, the leader of the succubus guild. I wonder if Mirevana is the weakest of Succubus guild or the strongest of the guild  ? If they're people even stronger than her, excluding the leader who's obviously alot more powerful than her, then Fairy Tail might be for a tough time given Mirevana alone without any power upgrades matched with Erza, one of the strongest guild members. Anyways i hope Mashima doesn't screw up again with regards to this arc and actually does a much better job this time with buildup and payoff. Overall a solid amount of buildup within all 3 chapters, i hope Mashima doesn't blow it.

Overall : A +

We can safely say that Mashima seems for the short term made up for the damage he did around the end of the Grand Magic Games and within the Dragon King Festival however i'm still not letting go of that and would hold Mashima accountable for those events and i'm still a bit skeptical about Mashima's direction because while his build up is always done well, his payoffs recently haven't been anywhere as good within the timeskip. Hopefully this new arc would change this up and actually get Mashima back to writing a pretty good series again . Given the chapters have been good lately, he might pull this one off again like he did when he fucked up badly with the timeskip setup.

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