I spent 3 weeks taking care of personal business and sit down to read this weeks manga just to find this shit  ? WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ !

Yeah this week's Fairy Tail chapter sucked!

Natsu beating Jackal isn't much of a surprise here, it's Natsu after all. At least he needed his full power to beat this guy but yeah the Nine Ghost Gates have been very disappointing as of late. I was expecting them to at least be so strong that Natsu would need Lucy and Wendy's help to win, not beat the guy by himself, though i can probably still defend the fact that Jackal's explosives doomed him from the start for that would just make Natsu stronger since they're flame base and i would be kinda okay with Jackal losing if Tempesta didn't also lose as well previously.

I was expecting the Nine Ghost Gate to be this utterly imposing threat to be so strong that there's no way a single guild can take them in a fight, not losing to a single person. I thought that one 9DG member would probably need at least 2 or 3 powerful opponents to be defeated, but I was wrong. They are lame in the fight, and they only pose a threat when they are about to die. I really, really hope the other 7 members are stronger than Tempesta and Jackal and i really hope Mashima listens to his fanbase and start taking things seriously.

But what ruined this chapter and possibly my trust for Mashima as a whole was the ending. I could have've honestly forgiven the chapter if it just left Natsu and the gang beating Jackai, i could've even forgiven Mashima if he let Natsu handle Jackal but that last page in the chapter was a complete insult to everything that was being built up regarding this arc.

First of all , HOW THE FUCK DID HAPPY SURVIVE A NUKE ? You saw the size of that explosion right  ? Remember Jackal can casually wipe out the town's outskirts within his human form right and with a casual punch , easily destroy the town itself right  ? That explosion is suppose to be at least on the caliber of a Hydrogen Bomb in size and yet Happy somehow survived that explosion. Sorry i don't buy it at all ! Of all the things Mahsima could've done to counter the explosion, having Happy tank it is completely illogical.

Why not have Natsu jump into the air and eat the blast  ?At least that would make sense! Natsu is immune to flames and has shown to be resistant against explosions that can bypass his durability and resistance to flames. Why not pull another Laxus in which the hero is nearly killed by the suicidal attack and show how dangerous they are with their hax again  ?Hell why not have Wendy using a Sky Dragon Roar to throw Jackal out into the Stratosphere and have him safely detonate in the sky, hell even having Lucy use that clock to trap Jackal inside and withstand the explosion, after at it has special defense properties and she can teleport it back to the Celestial World so it would only blow up there,after all Celestial Spirits are immortal right ? They can easily survive a nuke!

But nope, out of all the people to tank a nuke, Happy  ? This honestly makes the Nuking the Fridge from Indiana Jones seem plausible and less stupid that that. Hell even One Piece's Pell would blush at the ease Happy tanked a nuke, at least there wasn't some stupid comedic relief to follow up on it .Sorry but my suspension of disbelief doesn't stretch this far. This would be like Orihime somehow tanking Yamamoto's Bankai with barely a scratch despite being shown to be even weaker than a 3rd seat. Happy has been constantly established to being a weak character, so him tanking a nkue makes ZERO sense at all, Hell even Lucy tanking a nuke sounds more plausible because at least Lucy is stronger than Happy. Hell that dog from Independence Day that outran a nuke would blush at Happy tanking one to the face .

Mashima could've at the very least had Happy survive but have him at near death and that should've added to the whole dark tragedy thing that's going on within the plot but not only does Happy survive, they literally make it into comic relief. WHAT THE FUCK  ? Mashima stop dicking around like that ! What's worse is that they played it off as if Happy actually died and i was going to award Mashima points on even tempting the idea of Happy's death but the fact he can shrug it off completely ruins everything Mashima has been setting up to in the last 7 chapters.

So far this chapter has actually made me question whether Mashima has gotten worse within the last year because he hasn't had a pretty good track record this year . First was the horrible ending to the Grand Magic Games which had Sting Surrender when he had his opportunity to shine that and the rushed battles post Kagura and Erza,Second was the whole Gate Fiasco regarding how Natsu defeated Future Rouge by himself and the anti climax of not a single Dragon Slayer was able to beat their dragon and now this  ?Granted Mashima has fucked up several times within the past before 2013 but they were never as big as the fuckups this year, nor this frequently. I mean the occasional asspulls from Natsu might bend WSOD a bit but that's about as bad as it got within FT before 2013, so far the 3 biggest disappointments this series has happened within this year. I honestly don't want Fairy Tail to turn into another Bleach.

The only thing that prevents me for completely giving this chapter an F like this weeks Bleach is the whole fight with Natsu and Jackal. Despite Jackal being outclassed by Natsu due to his elemental disadvantage, at least he still gave Natsu some decent trouble and wasn't completely one shotted and there were some decent clashes of fists and explosions here and Natsu at the very least needed full power plus the power he gained from Jackals earlier explosions to win but again the fact that Jackal was built up as being a much bigger threat makes even the fight disappointing in context considering Natsu still singlehandedly defeated him diminishes the threat greatly and unless Jackal and Tempesta are both vastly inferior to Kyouka, then the whole Tatartos Guild is not looking up to being that big of a deal and the ending was a complete slap to the face.

Overall: F

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