Boy this week's Fairy Tail was one giant fanservice fest, and boy did i enjoy it thoroughly, especially given as you can see within the title, has Erza fanservice. Finally, if only they had that back in 341.

Nothing special or worth caring about the cover,just Yuka on the cover, you know that random mid tier fodder who Natsu beat whose within Galuna Island, i honestly need to be reminded of him and the first though on my mind was actually Tobi, the guy who had his sock destroyed by Raven Tail and then went on to form Infinite Tsukuyomi so there would be a world without sock destroyers ( Now that i got that Naruto joke out of the way,let's continue ).

The chapter begins with Team Fairy Tail returning from their mission in Sun Village to Warod to get their reward for saving the entire village from Succubus Eye . The mission and the arc within general was a decent transition to the main villains and ended much better than the mess that was chapter 337( Which many recall, i wasn't too happy with the ending of the Dragon Festival.

Wendy them explains to Warod that the Tartarus was involved within the freezing of the Sun Village in which Warod responds with having the senate handle the investigations regarding that. Sorry but due to the government shutdown, it looks like the investigation would take awhile because Republicans are bitching about giving people affordable health care ( Okay , i needed to make a political joke as well ) .

Anyways Warod rewards the team on their mission with a potato for their hard earned mission. Warod is one funny troll , the whole team spends their entire day trying to defrost the village, risking life and limb and the reward is a potato  ? That about feeling salty.

Anyways we get to the "Plot " of this chapter and i have to say, the plot is thoroughly enjoyable. I like how Lucy and Wendy are wearing their towels but Erza is just standing there naked nonchalant covering nothing, Erza really doesn't mind being naked does she ? Anyways the girls remark how beautiful the hot spring is and how it does wonders for one's beauty and health and boy it's doing wonders for Erza . I would remark how it's weird seeing Calra naked but i already commented within Jak's review of this chapter about Happy always being naked so it's best not to think too much about it.

Anyways the girls get a surprise when Natsu, Happy and Gray all appear within the hotsprings much to the horror of Lucy and Wendy and much to Erza's approval. Lucy responds by throwing a basket at Natsu while Wendy covers herself in embarrassment from the two. Is it me or does Lucy always lash out on Natsu and not Gray  ? That says alot about her character ,does she hit Natsu because she's Tsundere towards him or does she hit hit because she only wants Gray to see her naked  ? Either way, we got fanfiction fuel.

Anyways We then get Warod who explains that the hot springs is actually a unisex hot spring. UGGH, i really didn't need to see treeman naked . Come to think of it, for a man whose over a hundred years old, he's in decent shape. Despite all the wrinkles on his body, he still maintains a decent muscular physique,guess the guy can still lift in his old age.

Anyways Lucy doesn't seem to like the fact that she's sharing a bath with the guys in which Natsu and Gray respond by stating they've seen her naked so many times that they're no longer aroused by her. I gotta admit, that was a priceless joke by Gray and Natsu. Erza then states that there's nothing to be nervous about seeing each other naked and explains that she used to take baths with Natsu and Gray all the time and is more than happy to do it again with both of them.. Damn you Natsu and Gray, lucky bastard.

Also Erza is quite a pervert here, anyone notice she wishes to bathe with both of them again despite the fact they're clearly adults and if you combine the fact that she secretly reads smut and erotic novels, yeah alot of suggestive overtones about Erza's actual intentions..Give me a minute while i cool down.

Anyways enough preving over Erza being a pervert, let's get to the point. Anyways, Warod reveals to Team Natsu that he was a former member of Fairy Tail and not only that but one of the founding fathers of Fairy Tail making him the grand senpai of current Fairy Tail and Marakov's Senpai . Granted We been knowing that since chapter 342 but to be fair, that was only vaguely implied within flashbacks by Warod and not told to Fairy Tail so this was needed for the team to know.

Anyways Warod explains his connection with Mavis and a bit more about the guild and states that he knows that Team Natsu carries the spirit of Fairy Tail as intended by the founding father of the guild and explains that comrade is more than just a simple word but an unconditional trust with your partners. Meanwhile Natsu gets the pleasure to wash Erza's back, again that lucky bastard gets to touch her.. why does he get so lucky  ? Oh well, at least we're not seeing a forced pairing between him and Erza( I'm looking at you Sword Art Online).

Natsu realizing Warod is over a hundred years old asks the man about the E.N.D. and about the demons that exist within this world. Natsu explains to Warod about learning from Altas Flame about Ingeel's attempt to destroy E.N.D. but even Warod doesn't have a clue what E.N.D. really is but he does know about Tartarus but only basics. Little is known about their guild or their base of operations or even members but what he knows is that the guild is some form of cult worship for demons. Warod also implies that the Book of Zeref is also likely within their possession.

Natsu all riled up about the dark guild and their antics goes frantic and starts randoming punching things however being a dumbass, he hits Erza by mistake. Erza of course not taking this lying down then beats the living crap out of Natsu and hence the chapter ends with Natsu getting the crap beat out of him and Erza's ass ( DAT ASS).

Overall a pretty good chapter. It's a transition chapter to the new arc and suppose to be more based on comedy, character interactions and fanservice and in all aspects, it did it's job pretty well. There were some actually very funny moments to the chapter and my lord Erza is fucking hot, seriously, i had to pause writing this twice already in order to allow clean my keyboard if you know what i mean.

I heard rumors that Mashima was worried that he overdid it with the fanservice in this chapter, i personally say it didn't go nearly as far as Chapter 341's the fanservice , especially with Cana groping Lucy naked and the borderline tribbing that occurred. I was personally hoping Erza trolled Natsu the same way, Gray too, now Mashima would really pushing boundaries between Ecchi and Hentai,XD.

The only problem i have though is that Mashima ended the arc abruptly though. We didn't see Team Natsu saying goodbye to Flare and the villagers of the Sun Village so there remains some closure that needs to be covered. That's the only thing that prevents this chapter from getting an A+ from me .

Still, Erza proves that she's pretty much the sex goddess of Fairy Tail and even Nami from One Piece isn't topping Erza's unabashed, raw sexuaility or her sheer lack of modesty . Hell even Yoruichi and Rangiku from Bleach who are well known for their immodesty have nothing on Erza.

Overall: A

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