Fairy Tail 354

The chapter begins with the giants of the village back to normal and thanking Team Natsu for saving their village. The giant villagers barely have any memory of being attacked by the mysterious devil slayer.

Lucy and Erza discuss the complacations behind the story of the attack on the village. Lucy points out the the ice mage mistook Atlas Flame as a demon and Erza confirms that by pointing out the complexity of the mystery behind the attackers movies. Gray then mentions the Gate of Hades that Doirate mentioned . Gray then pieces together that Succubus Eye was working under Tartaros to prevent people from interrupting their plans and that there's more to the story than what's on the surface.

Lucy looks for Flare only to see her being scolded by the giants because she abandoned the village without saying anything to join Raven Tail but in reality, they seem to have forgiven her for leaving the village and just look scary .

Fairy Tail then has a party with the giants celebrating their victory within the village while Flare enjoys the fact that she's within her home village and rebounding with her giant "fathers " . Also am i the only one who finds it weird that there's not a single female giant within this village or even any giant kids ? It seems for the moment, they forgot about Minerva, Tartaros and Succubus Eye.

Meanwhile at Succubus Eye HQ, Minerva arrives to see the guild abandoned and all the members gone. She then encounters a strange woman who claims to make people stronger whose revealed to be one of the Demon Gates top members Reisetiten Kyouka who seems to make people explode from overloading them with power and now she's face to face with Minerva.

Can Minerva survive the darkness from another dark witch or would she become like the rest of the guild ? I kinda liked this moment here because it shows that Minerva isn't as evil as she likes to be given she's upset about seeing lives needlessly token due to them simply not being useful to the enemy anyone.

Overall good chapter with a pretty good cliffhanger ending which now makes me wonder if we'll see Minerva again and would her character arc with Erza ever be complete or would she return stronger than ever. Anyways ,it seems like the Nine Ghost Gate are being built up slowly but surely as the worse threats to be encountered within the series

Overall : B+

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