This weeks chapter starts with the reveal of Altas Flame being the guardian of the Sun Village or rather his spirit being the one that guards the village. It seems like Alatas Flames has been burning for 400 years straight which is quite impressive for a spirt and it seems like the events of the Eclipse gate has Atlas Flames remembers Natsu ,which brings some questions of how would that affect past timeline events.

It's revealed that the ice covering the village jarred most of Altas Flames memories. Wendy diagnoses that while his spirit and willpower remains strong, his magic is still greatly weakened over time due to him being a spirit and being frozen by the ice magic caused damage to his memoires.

It's then revealed that a single person was able to freeze both him and the entire village of Giants. The man who froze the village seemed to mistook Altas Flame for a demonic spirit and froze the entire village to eradicate him. It's revealed that the man is now revealed to be a Demon Slayer, a mage that specializes within slaying demons.

Now this is quite an interesting twist. Some people have complained a bit about the chapter now throwing in Demon Slayers into the mix of Dragon Slayers and God Slayers but i personally see no problem with this, if anything just thinking further into the whole chaos 400 years ago with the creation of Dragon Slayer Magic designed to fight Dragons who were a big problem at the time and demons were also problems like Lullaby and Derioa, this actually makes the most sense to develop a way to counter them directly.

Demon Slayers aren't really far fetched at all, if anything it's actually starting to piece together all the puzzle pieces surrounding the mystery of the events within the past and we're getting closer to knowing what brought the origins of both Ancologica and Zeref.I fail to see how this is implausible when you think about it carefully. God Slayers still seem silly given there's no gods within Fairy Tail to the best of our knowledge and for all we know, it might as well be called " Anti Dragon Slayer Magic" given it's only use so far is seemingly countering and potentially killing Dragon Slayers. Demon SLayers designed to kill demons that are proven to not only exist but be a serious problem also seems reasonable.

Anyways, Flare begs for the Eternal Flame to restore the village back to it's original state with the village still being frozen solid. Atlas Flame now regaining his memories back then uses his magic power to melt the ice surrounding the village but before he does that, he reveals more into the past with Acnologia, Ingeel and Zeref.

It's revealed that Zeref at some point created a terrifying magic spell called E.N.D., a spell that's stands out within the book of Zeef as the most vile magic ever created. Yeah, it sounds pretty bad when you have it abbreviated as E.N.D. and when you consider that Zeref revealed that he intends to destroy humanity. It's revealed that Ingeel attempted to destroy E.N.D however he failed to do so , therefore this magic still exist somewhere.

Now let's go over for what we learned so far from the past. 400 years ago, there was basically the apocalypse where humanity was nearly wiped out between the Dragon Wars and the demon invasions linked to the Gate of Hades, Zeref at some point was likely defeated by Ingeel however was not killed and E.N.D,whatever it was probably still exists because Zeref is still alive. Acnologia also somehow survived and went into hiding for 400 years and 7 years before the start of the series, the dragons disappear. Could it be that Laya Heartfilia also knew about E.N.D. and possibly seeked to destroy it but it backfired greatly ?

Anyways the village is revealed to be restored thanks to the power of the Eternal Flame which is good because that means all the Giants survived the attack on their village. The bad news is that we're denied our Girl on Girl action and even more disappointingly, Erza isn't going commando either and neither is Minerva . Minerva after seeing the odds against her between Team Natsu, Erza and the Giants makes a smart move and retreats from the village promising to settle things with Erza sometime in the future . Erza responds with telling that that she still has good within her heart with Minerva ignoring her as usual.

It's later revealed that Atlas flame's memories disappeared due to the lack of magic power within him and the village seems to be restored back to it's former glory. Anyways Natsu and the team contemplate what was said to them and like the readers of the series, wonder what is E.N.D and how can it be stopped.

The chapter ends with what appears to be the reveal of the man who caused all the problems within the Sun Village is now residing within a grave somewhere in the frozen continent where Gray is said to be from shows a middle aged man paying his respects to the dead on a certain grave. It's revealed that the man who froze the village is named Silver and strongly resembles an older Gray , which makes him either Ur's former lover or husband and raises more questions regarding the history of this guy.

This man is also revealed to be one of the 9 Kyuukimon to be summoned by the Taratos Guild, the last branch of the Baram Alliance which are a group of dark guilds out to use dark magic and bring back Zeref and have connections to the Gate of Hades, which seems to contradict the idea of him being a Demon Slayer or Exorcist . Either this guy is a liar about him being an exorcist or he has his own hidden goal.

Overall this was a satisfying chapter that adds more mystery behind Zeref, Tartaros and the Sun Village, one thing that kinda disappoints me is that we didn't get to see Erza and Minerva go at it with each other but overall it has me tuning in to more next week.

Overall: A

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