Sorry for the long Hiatus, been busy lately on DA now that i've gotten back to drawing. Now that i'm back, i'm going to give my thoughts on this weeks FT.

The chapter begins with Natsu turning back to normal adjusting his clothes when he meets Lucy and Wendy again but with Flare on their side. Natsu confusing her as an enemy yells at her but Lucy explains to Natsu that she's not the enemy but the victim of her village being frozen by some unknown threat, Natsu agrees to help.

Natsu then sense a voice coming from the large mountain only to learn that the mountain is actually the Eternal Flame itself which is the size of a mountain. Gray then returns being chased by the mysterious bird creature along with Happy and Carla.

It's revealed Gray is conserving the little remaining magic power he has to melt the ice around the eternal flame to get the flame working. Natsu then decides to take out the creature chasing Gray while Gray tries to use his magical power to reverse the ice process and as expected, Natsu defeats the monster with little difficulty. We also get a breif panel of Lucy's asshot (Dat ass ).

It;s revealed that during the battle with Doriate, Gray learned to channel ice magic through his body and plans to absorb the ice directly into his body without knowing the consequences of what might happen to his body and actually manages to start defrosting the flames but then the mountain sized flames suddenly disappear and Wendy then sense a very powerful and malevolent power from a distance. Who can it be and who can be strong to make a mountain size mass of ice disappear so easily ?

Overall this was a good chapter with the plot starting to thicken greatly. Who is behind all the stuff going on within Sun Village ? What is the Hell Gate about and what is the backstory of the Eternal Flame  ?

Overall : B+

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