Yeah this chapter of Fairy Tail was quite unexpected in more ways than one . It wasn't as engaging as the last 6 chapters but it was still a solid chapter .

The chapter begins with Team Natsu chasing after the Treasure Hunter mages to get the Moon Drip that can be used to save the giants within the village. It's revealed that the treasure hunters got the liquid Moon Drip from Galuna Island going past all the demons living on the island.

It's also revealed that Erza stood behind within the Giant Village to search for more clues and investigate further into how the Giants got frozen. Happy then has a humorous thought about Erza's short temper and fearing she might destroy the giants in her rage while the rest of the team pursues the treasure hunters.

After running for a while, the treasure hunters are fed up with running and decide to fight it out with Team Natsu instead. Natsu being more than happy to fight attacks the treasure hunter known as Hammer Lala, however it's soon revealed that these treasure hunters are far from weak as Lala uses his fist shaped hammer to nearly crush Natsu. The hammer Laa wields is quite durable, durable enough to withstand even Natsu's flaming fist which can melt steel.

Next up is Gray fighting against Hiroshi, the sword expert of the Sylph Labyrinth guild. Hiroshi demonstrates his speed and skill by cutting appear all of Gray's ice lances and then uses his awesome chain blade to nearly stab Gray, the blade has so much force that the stab generates a shockwave that takes out a tree and nearly hits Lucy and Wendy.

Then Lucy and Wendy are attacked by a sniper, Wendy manages to duck down and protect Lucy from a sniper shot saving her life. It's revealed that Wendy and Lucy are up against the team sniper Drake who's managed to cover alot of ground and get his distance to fire his magical rifle at the team.

Thankfully with Wendy being a Dragon Slayer, she has enhanced sense and can sense the gunpowder of the sniper. Lucy then summons Sagittarius to take on the sniper however the sniper proves to such a skilled shot that he stalemates Sagittarius arrow with his bullet mid air proving he's an extremely skilled sniper.

Looks like we all underestimated these guys, they seem to be alot tougher than they look and much stronger than we originally thought. Going by the fact they were able to match the team so far without any of them using their best attacks,Sylph Labyrinth could be on par with the Garou Knights and we can expect some decent fighting from these guys for at least another chapter before Natsu and the others get really serious and kick their asses.

Back at the village of giants, Erza is doing further investigation on what occurred within the village. She then deducts that all the villagers seems to be all holding weapons and charging forward to defend the town from an unknown attacker at the moment and ponders whether it's possible to defrost a village of this size with moon drip so small that it wouldn't even defrost one giant.

Erza then puts the pieces together and discovers that the giants were all protecting the village from the attacker from taking the flames and manages to pinpoint the location of the Eternal Flame being oppose of the giant's direction. And this is why i love Erza, beautiful, strong and very smart. She has a good chance of being in CSI with her detective skills, though her acting seriously needs work.

Erza then sees a mountain not far from the village climbs up the mountain which seems to be the Eternal Flame itself given it's size in portion to a mountain. Erza then stares at the reflection of herself within the ice and suddenly she morphs back to the size and age of a 12 year old. WTF ?

First of all, is it me or does Erza resemble a younger Kushina from Naruto ? She also looks alot like Wendy minus the red hair, either way she's adorable. Second of all, BOO! I want the sexy , adult Erza back! Third what exactly just occurred ? According to the end narration text, all of Erza's time went back so this much be connected with time magic which further adds more theories that whatever forze the village must be further connected to Ultear and Ur ,especially if we have powers similar to Ice Shell freezing the village and something similar to Last Ages only it does the very opposite of making one older.

Overall, a good chapter.

Overall: B+

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