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This chapter is in memory of Ultear  !

Yep Hiro Mashima really made a dark follow up to the extremely dark ending to last weeks Fairy Tail and while we all saw Gray's revival coming a mile away given he's as vital to the plot as Sasuke is within Naruto, Uryu is within Bleach, Coco is within Toriko or Zoro is within One Piece, we can honestly say that the way Gray was revived was something not even we expected.

Once again, Mashima gives us yet another middle finger regarding the cover of this weeks Fairy Tail by showing a nearly naked Ultear only being covered by a crystal ball. Damn you Mashima for killing her off  !Hopefully she comes back as a ghost like Mavis, just hopefully not like a Loli ghost like her( Seriously why does Mavis look so young when she's older than Makarov and Hades combined  ?)

We start off with Jerza which causes us to sequel in fangasm as we see Erza and Jellal with each other with Jellal carrying an injured Erza to safety. I have mixed feelings about this one to be honest . While i appreciate Erza and Jellal being together and i definitely love how they're bonding more, i don't like seeing Erza so powerless. As you can tell, i'm a very big fan of her and it's been quite disappointing to see her not kick enough ass lately. Then again after fighting Kagura who can destroy small cities with a sword swing and that bitch Mirevana, i can see why she's not at 100%. Still if Erza doesn't get back to 100% , i'm going to start crying sexism , LOL!

Also where the hell Kagura went  ? She was just shown last weeks chapter  ! Damn you Mashima, show us more Kagura !I don't give two fucks about Jet and Dory, Macco and his son or even Bacchus ( who lost badassery points for losing to Ichiya ),give us more Kagura damn it  ! I don't care if those guys died *looks at the next panels *

Bacchus Impaled By Hatchling
Oh shit, i take that back !

Damn, this chapter got dark fast and i haven't even left the first page. Hell right after the Jerza fanservice, we see Bacchus being brutally stabbed by one of the fodder dragons . Wait just how exactly are these even fodder dragons at this point again  ? They shot holes straight through Gray even though durability wise, he's on par with Natsu, especially that time were they fought Naked Mummy in Oracion Seis and Natsu effortlessly tanked a magic shotgun with no damage and yet these dragons did more damage to Gray than even Ultear PTS. Now they easily stabbed through Bacchus, the same guy who was on par with Erza . Are these dragons glass canons  ? They seem to have more than enough power to dish out damage as seen in this picture but given Jellal easily defeated them as well as several lesser mages, they can't seem to take it . Still what did Bacchus do to deserve such a brutal death  ? Seriously Mashima, why did you have to kill him off ?

We then cut to Dory's offscreen death which i still didn't care much about and for all we know, he could've died of a heart attack given how obese he's become within the timeskip. We then cut to a death i do care about and that's Macco's as he's brutally eaten and mutilated by several dragons which is a pretty awful way to die ! I actually felt sad seeing Maaco die to protect his son Romeo.

Macao Asking Wakaba To Take Romeo Away

However i'm disappointed at the same time of how underutilized Romeo is, when is he going to pull a Konohamaru and start kicking some ass or even a Coby ? I like the kid, i don't want to see him wasted when he has potential to kick ass. Also on another note, when is Mashima going to give Kinana or Lisanna a chance to shine  ? Mashima went through all the trouble to think of these two girls and yet we've seen nothing from them despite both having alot of badass potential and a fairy sizeable fanbase. I don't want to see Lisanna become another Hinata for fucksake,also where's Elfman and Cana  ? More importantly where the hell is Gildarts ?

Also where did Cheila disappear too  ? Lyon is actually showing concern for Cheila so that's some points for the LyonxCheila fanbase right there but that's easily offset by the recurring dark tone that Gray was shot dead ! Yeah this isn't a fakeout like chapter 315 where we thought Erza received a fatal injury only to be revealed to be a minor cut on her shoulder, nope Gray is dead for real (at least for the moment ). Damn, Mashima actually did kill off Gray or at least showcased his death . Yeah he's really not fucking around this time around is he  ?

Well maybe a little bit given we still know the outcome however it's still nothing we excepted. Ultear goes into reflection onto her life similar to how Vegeta did when he was also planning to commit suicide for the greater good against Majin Buu. Like Vegeta, Ultear was once a ruthless woman who only cared for herself and ruined countless lives, including Meredy and Jellal's and it was within her battle with Gray where she saw the error of her ways and Gray sparring her allowed her to carry on to form the neutral guild Crime Sorciere to repent for all her past sins but she then comes to a revelation that she's still the same ruthless witch who kills people easily.

We then cut to a flashback of Ultear somewhere between her mid teens to late teens.

Young Ultear Studying Arc of Time

( Why can't Wendy look like this in the timeskip ?)

Anyways we then get our inevitable flashback in which Ultear while researching ancient magic comes across the spell known as Last Ages . Hades forbade her from using this magic knowing Ultear wanted to do everything in her power to bring back time and start over however it comes at a steep price of the users lifespan for it steals all of their lifespan within the process of the spell.

However given the grim situation within the past, Ultear uses it knowing she has no place within this world anymore and this is the last thing she can do as a Mage before passing away. She then cast Last Ages and then engulfs the entire planet with her magic however in the process, her body starts to break down and it gets very graphic !

Time Arc Lost Ages
The veins on Ultear's body begin to bulge, and a large amount of her Magic Power surrounds her body, ascending into the sky. A bright flash then occurs, signalling the rewinding of time. Upon the spell's completion, Ultear's body becomes horribly burnt.

Words can't describe how epic this moment was ! I was expecting Ultear to pull a Lady Chiyo and only heal Gray at the expense of her life but she basically saved thousands of people reversing time while upgrading the potential of the Fairy Tailverse within regards to destructive capacity potential . In order to shift back time realistically, you would need to not only stop the earth's gravitational energy in it's tracks but completely reverse it's rotation. The energy needed to stop the rotation of the Earth's axis and shift back time even by a minute is more monstrous than anything seen within HST ! In short you would need 57.3 zettatons of TNT, the Gravitational Binding Energy of Earth. In context, this is approximately 530 million times the destructive yield of Juubi's Bjuudamas. To put it in context, to stop the planet in it's tracks, you would need the force of 2. 865 quadrillion Hiroshima bombs. That would be the of giving every human being on the planet 164 Tsar Bombas. If that's not a great example of how that much destructive energy wasn't harvested into controlling the flow of time, even by a minute,i don't know what is and it's of no surprise that this technique would be fatal to the user because THEY'RE STOPPING AN ENTIRE PLANET ! That's some Superman shit right there .

Seriously this is pretty much a homage to the scene where Superman turned back time itself by shifting the Earth's rotation field in Superman : The Movie (1978) where Superman pretty much reversed time by flying so fast that he pretty much moved the entire earth's rotation field by a minute before all the tragedies happened to not only save Lois Lane but countless people from a dam break. Yeah see why Ultear needed to die  ? If she survived, she would be more haxxed than any planetary based character, hell she can pretty much kill Aizen and Juubi if this very same power had no limits and was converted to destructive force. Thank goodness Gekko Moriah or Kabuto don't exist in Fairy Tail, lord knows what would happen if an undead Ultear under zombification or Edo Tensei would do with those two controlling her , LOL !

While i highly doubt we're going to see planet busting villains in Fairy Tail ( Not only would that be stupid given there's only one planet with life in Fairy Tail but drastically too far out there, even for this series ), this definitely speaks volumes for the potential threat of people like Zeref and Acnologia and they're potential given Zeref is more haxed and is immortal not to mention said to drag the world into darkness, at this point it might as well be literal given Ultear stopped time around the entire world so Zeref and Acnologia being on par with Naruto's Ten Tails or Bleach's Soul King is becoming more plausible by each week .

Despite Ultear attempting to turn back time by an hour, she only changed it by a minute. Ultear depressed from her failure to turn back time collapses presumably dead from already releasing an monstrously high amount of magic to stop the planets movements . The real tragedy here is that she will probably not be credited and acknowledged by the public for making that big difference in the final outcome and i honestly don't want her dying thinking her sacrifice was for nothing, i hope Gray comes by next chapter with Meredy so they can have final closure with Ultear and final words before she finally kicks the bucket because it would be a bit too mean spirited to kill her off without her saving goodbye to Gray or her thinking she died for nothing but given this series can rival My Little Pony and One Piece in Namaka Power , i'm pretty sure this closure is going to happen.

As expected, everything shifted back into the timeframe of what happened last chapter with Gray protecting Juvia and Meredy from the dragons lasers ( again Gray forgets Juvia is intangible ) and Juvia enjoying Gray's embrace of her ass ( Damn you Gray, you lucky bastard ! ) however Gray then has an image and foresight of his impending death due to the time lag and is able to react and prevent his death from happening and it seems everyone had the same pre cog ability given to them by Ultear . Guess planetary time warping now comes with free pre cog ! XD.

Lyon and Gray Double Shield

As expected, the aforementioned slayed characters all remember dying but all take steps to avoid death and Gray seems to realize that this must be Ultear's doing and hopefully we get one tearful goodbye before she dies.

Bacchus' Counterattacking
Second Chance For Droy

However it seems within a turn of events, Ultear didn't just save lives but drastically shifted events of this arc for now everyone carries over the experiences of the past which is most evident when Gajeel found the weakness with the Dragon he was fighting.

Gajeel Counterattacking Black Dragon

And because of Ultear, thousands were potentially saved but make no mistake. The darker tone of this arc has already been set with the previous chapter and the killing off of several characters within this chapter and just because Gray, Bacchus, Dory and Macco were lucky to survive, that doesn't make them immune to death or anyone else. As evident with Ultear's death, there's going to be more characters dying from time to time and with the increasing seriousness of this series within the final act, it's likely going to have more characters dying epic deaths like Ultear.

It's actually legitimately sad to see Ultear die for Ultear is a character who actually grew with me . Originally, i hated the bitch for being the one solely responsible for the way Jellal ended up however during Tenrou Island, we learn more of her human side and she started to show more of her humanity ( And her fine ass )
Ultear before Zeref

It was later revealed that Ultear is not truly evil, but rather, the victim of an unfortunate history. After thinking her mother abandoned her, she found herself under the tutelage of Hades, and through it learned the Magic of the Arc of Time. From it she was led to believe that once she reaches the Ultimate Magic World, she would be able to complete the Arc of Time, and with it, be able to go back in time to relive and change her past.

So past the cold ,manipulative, ruthless and ambitious which was a woman with good intentions who was trying to escape a tragic ,dark life and was willing to pay any price in other to gain something that she lost.

Now on her final road to redemption, she takes her own life to save the 4 notable people killed off by the small dragons and the possibly hundreds to thousands of people killed by fodder dragons as well as actual dragons and possibly saved millions by giving the Dragon Slayers and fighters enough knowledge to avoid the mistakes they made and find the enemy weakness and deliver crucial blows to the dragons and changed the future for the better.

There have been some complaints regarding this chapter.Some have complained about the Last Ages going against the established " can't affect humans " rule in the pre timeskip, ignoring the fact Ultear has already affected humans with her time magic when it came to the Second Origin training and really in the span of 7 years where Max of all people nearly defeats Natsu prior to Second Origin, i fail to see how Ultear can't get stronger herself.

Overall this chapter was epic and really went a direction i wasn't expecting. The only real disappointment was no rampage by Juvia but given Ultear's mind blowing feat and the fact that she died an epic death and i'm actually sad for her death, this chapter did it's job well.

Overall : S +( Because A+ is too low for this chapter )

Ultear avatar

In memory of Ultear Milkovich

Presumably 761 X- July 7, 791 X

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