This chapter was surprisingly epic this week . We finally got to being serious within the plot and not focusing on fanservice like the last two chapters. The cover itself is epic with Natsu standing ready to fight and standing tall and proud.

We start the chapter with Ghost Rider Dragon fighting Laxus and Thunder Tribe within the town . Freed powers up and uses his strongest attack to hit the Nic Cage Dragon with a strong attack, Evergreen follows it up with her own strong barrage of attacks while wearing hot fishnet stockings so hot that even Kafila would blush and Biscklow fires a giant laser with his dolls. While the dragon is distracted. Laxus fires his Thunder Dragon Roar to blast the flame dragon but lightning attacks are ineffective against the dragon .

Then Natsu jumps into attack the Nic Cage Dragon and Natsu reveals that his plan was to... eat the Nice Cage Dragon ? Okay that was priceless, especially given the look on Thunder Tribes face. Natsu then explains to Laxus that he'll handle this dragon himself and asks if Laxus can help Wendy and Mirajane fight Zirconis. At first i wasn't too happy with the idea of Wendy needing another Dragon Slayer to help out that and i wanted to be 7 on 7 but given Evergreen makes a good point about Wendy being the weakest and least experienced of the Dragon Slayers, i think it's a good move for Nastu to have someone like Laxus who's arguably the strongest Dragon Slayer currently to aid Wendy within the battle.

Nastu then continues to eat the flames of the Ghost Rider Dragon who's Nic Cage levels are beyond scale. Hell looking at the scene carefully , you can pretty much interpret the movements as this " NOT THE BEES, NOT THE BEES , AHHH !

After the Ghost Rider Dragon fails to push off Natsu, he realizes that Natsu is not only batshit insane like Nicolas Cage but he can eat flames and his magic power is comparable to Igneel and that's when we get our big character development reveal in a full page spread of Igneel . Holy fuck does he seem badass, seriously Mashima does an excellent job regarding his art, especially dragons. Altas Flames then ask Natsu about his connection to Igneel and we get an offpanel explanation about their characters . I think this should've been elaborated a bit more but whatever.

Meanwhile we see Loki's long lost brother Future Rouge watching the chaos unfold across the city of Crocus as the Dragons fight the guilds and Dragon Slayers marvelling at the destructive force of each dragon and he hopes to take down even Acnologica with this power and seemingly reflecting on possibly the deceased Future Sting . We then scenes of people fighting for a full page including Rouge and Sting , Wendy and Mirajane and Gajeel fighting their powerful dragons.

Then we see a line i swear sounds like something Loki might said with regarding himself as Light when he'll rule the world however Natsu denies him that thought as he comes towards him riding the Ghost Rider Dragon.

HOLY SHIT THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME ! How the hell is this happening ? Don't care, this is easily one of the most badass things i've ever saw in my life. Natsu riding a flaming dragon, not since Chuck Norris riding a Shark as big as Jaws have i've seen anything this epic. Okay if you want to hear the story, it's that Altas Flame is the brother of Igneel . Why he's siding with Natsu suddenly though ? Don't care at the moment, i'll easily await the explanation next week but damn this is awesome. Also if Igneel is the King of the Flame Dragons, does that make Natsu the Prince of Flame Dragons ? What does that say about Natsu's potential and even bigger question is what is Igneel 's level of power compared to Acnologica ?

Overall : A +

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