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  • EvanDude345rv5

    I spent 3 weeks taking care of personal business and sit down to read this weeks manga just to find this shit  ? WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ !

    Yeah this week's Fairy Tail chapter sucked!

    Natsu beating Jackal isn't much of a surprise here, it's Natsu after all. At least he needed his full power to beat this guy but yeah the Nine Ghost Gates have been very disappointing as of late. I was expecting them to at least be so strong that Natsu would need Lucy and Wendy's help to win, not beat the guy by himself, though i can probably still defend the fact that Jackal's explosives doomed him from the start for that would just make Natsu stronger since they're flame base and i would be kinda okay with Jackal losing if Tempesta didn't also lose …

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  • EvanDude345rv5

    This weeks chapter seems to be pretty good for it continues to hype more into the power of Hades and even better, Minerva is confirmed to still be alive so we can see how much stronger she gets.

    This time on the cover is Hibiki from Blue Pegasus who i honestly don't care too much about. Seriously where is the Kagura cover ? I want to see a kagura cover at this point, i can honestly care less about Blue Pegasus.

    Anyways we cut to the Tartarous guild where we see Tempesta regenerating from his self inflicted wounds from his his magical particles attack. It seems that using that move caused Tempesta to lose his memories and it would take him a day to regenerate within HQ however due to " A certain magical bitch", it's goin…

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  • EvanDude345rv5

    This chapter had some unexpected twists within the storyline and for the most part is pretty good however the only major drawback is the fight with Laxu was too short and too one sided but more on that as i review the chapter.

    The chapter begins with Laxus confronting one of the Nine Ghost Gate members, Tempesta. Laxus manages to save the lives of his comrades and Yajima from the would be assassin and prepares to deal with the threat in hand. Tempesta then reveals that he is a demon and one of Nine Ghost Gates and that he's been sent by Tartarus and process to attack Laxus.

    Laxus not having any of it goes full power from the start and process to speedblitz his opponent. Tempesta tries to land hits on Laxus but the demon is…

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  • EvanDude345rv5

    Fairy Tail 357

    October 25, 2013 by EvanDude345rv5

    Fairy Tail continues with the solid build up of the Tartaros guild but gets into a minor speedbump with the fanservice in the chapter which kinda distracts from the plot.

    The chapter starts with a cover of Sherry from the Lamia Scale, yeah the girl who... uh who is she again  ? Oh the girl who fought Lucy back in Galuna Island, geez how come i have no problems remembering Lyon and Toby but difficulty remembering Yuka and Sherry ? I guess there character didn't leave much of an impression on me, it's not like there bad characters , it's just that they didn't really impress me that much. You know it's sad when your younger cousin who just debuted within the timeskip is more memorable than you. Cheila completely outclasses Sherry i…

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  • EvanDude345rv5

    Boy did Fairy Tail start this new arc with a bang, literally as you've all seen regarding the Magic Council's fate. The chapter starts with Silver standing outside of of the location of the Tartaros Guild which is a medieval castle which begs the question of what country are they hiding within ?

    The Magic Council now get back into their main building after they learned that the Government Shutdown ended( Sorry, needed to add that joke in ) .They discuss about the Fairy Tail guild recent success within the Grand Magic Games and the completion of their mission from Warod Seeken for a bit while before they go to the main topic of conversation, the Tartaros Guild.

    They talk about chilling news regarding the dark guild wi…

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