fairy tail. this is an anime that has the capacity to effect one's real life in ways other than hooking someone up to the television every time the anime comes or reading the manga without any time sense. if someone wishes, then this anime has the strength to change one's point of view about many things. in this anime, friendship, honor, faith, trust, honesty, and above all, loyalty to the place which brought you up is reflected. every time we see a struggling natsu, just at the edge of defeat, it is his strong feelings for his comrades that wake him up to a new self, increasing his powers and leading him to the path of victory. all the guild members, that are always there for one another, all of them, through their willpower and faith in natsu, lead him to victory. it is the same for lucy, who, even though was just a newbie, gave in her 200% when laxus had set up the thunder orbs around magnolia. the "fairy tail spirit" in her, which is nothing but standing up to the expectations of her fellow guild mates, loyalty to friends, must be there in all of us. an anime or manga is worth being a fan of only when you are inspired deeply by it...every anime and manga do have a message, directly as in fairy tail or indirectly as in nodame cantabile and as fans we should be successful in digging the message out and putting it to real use. :)

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