Hi guys! So probably all of you by now have read and watched the anime chapter and the manga chapter, right? If not, you must. NOW. The anime chapter was sooo awesome!! They missed out so much in the manga "Pandemonium" chapter and it's great they showed us the full fight! Erza is so damn cool!!And Jellal was listening to the commentators at least..It was quite funny for me when Yajima's hat fell sideways.And the new opening plus ending song is likeable, if I do say so myself. I especially like the scenes they show about the upcoming battle of the four Dragon Slayers. And a sneak peek of the Fourth Day's new Fairytail team! Wow! As for the "Frog" chapter, I wished they could have shown the fight between Erza and Minerva first, instead of putting it on hold. But it's good that they made a twist in the Gajeel vs. Rogue battle, cuz it was getting quite boring when everybody knows that Rogue's gonna lose after telling Gajeel about the whole "nakama is important" theme stuff. I mean, it's a relatively good theme to follow, but we've seen it so many times and Fairy Tail's already known for it so..COULD YOU STOP MENTIONING IT PLEASE?! Other than that, I guess the 10000 dragons coming was kinda obvious(hinted in previous chapters)but why are they trying to kill the mages?

And Jellal should just tell the rest of FT about it(but then there'll be no story plot anymore..)

Titania's Victory

Proness..but please don't say peverted stuff..We have enough on this blog, I think

Sighs, I guess everybody's got different opinions! Please tell me what you think!

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