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    Hi guys! So probably all of you by now have read and watched the anime chapter and the manga chapter, right? If not, you must. NOW. The anime chapter was sooo awesome!! They missed out so much in the manga "Pandemonium" chapter and it's great they showed us the full fight! Erza is so damn cool!!And Jellal was listening to the commentators at least..It was quite funny for me when Yajima's hat fell sideways.And the new opening plus ending song is likeable, if I do say so myself. I especially like the scenes they show about the upcoming battle of the four Dragon Slayers. And a sneak peek of the Fourth Day's new Fairytail team! Wow! As for the "Frog" chapter, I wished they could have shown the fight between Erza and Minerva first, instead of p…

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  • ErzaMirajane13

    Okay, so while all of us are bored out of our minds for there is no FT chapters until January, I decided to ask if anybody had decided how they want the Grand Magic Games to end. I mean, the country falling, the outcome of the last day(I think everybody knows who's gonna win, but let's not forget Sting's determination to get Lector back)and for the Jellal and Erza fans, we will be thinking:

    1)Is Jellal's cover blown for good? 2)Who's going to save him if it is? Erza? And what's up with Kagura? 3)What will happen to FT? 4)And how the hell is FUTURE LUCY going to return? Wouldn't it affect the future? Or maybe they'll forget about her...

    So what do you all think?

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  • ErzaMirajane13

    Chapter 312

    December 21, 2012 by ErzaMirajane13

    Okay, so I just read Chapter 312, Threesomes, and its so damn good but so horrifying this time. I mean, do any of you think Erza and Kagura stands a chance against Minerva like that? I know Minerva mentioned having another plan instead of the normal hostage situation, but lets face it-I think Minerva likes having hostages. Look at what happen to Lector. I don't really like Sting that much, but don't hold it against Lector. And what is going on with the Lucy from the future? So is the one singing in the tower the Lucy we know or Lucy from the future?

    P.S. I have to say, the three mages fighting are definitely badass! :)

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  • ErzaMirajane13

    Who are the strongest?

    December 18, 2012 by ErzaMirajane13

    Hi! I've always wondered who was the strongest in the world of Fairytail.. There are the Ten Wizard Saints, the Guild Masters, the ex-Guild Masters, the current S-mages and mages that are supposed to be S-mages but are not.. Well, can anybody help me decide? Who is the strongest Mage of them all?(And I mean not excluding the ones in other Guilds)

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