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  • ErzaFairyQueen

    Considering the last chapter....

    Gray Fullbuster was killed....

    are we seeing the end of Gruvia couple?

    or is it just a twist that Mashima-sensei is thinking...

    we just need to wait....

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    So. rogue shall be killed to return the world the way it was. but Natsu refused it. it turns out that Ultear is manipulating Jellal during the fight in the tower of heaven. she said that she doesnt have the right to live.

    but seriously the most shocking is Gray will die?...i think he wont....Mashima is up to something and i know it... i hope ultear will do something about it..

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    My Blog

    June 8, 2013 by ErzaFairyQueen

    What if Fairytail's Gray and Lucy will be Together instead of Natsu and Lucy. what will be ur reaction?.

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