Heyyy this is my first time creating a blog soo I hope you enjoy. My format for these blogs are: what happens in the chapter and pros and cons.

Lets get started on the chapter than. Basically un the chapter, Face got activated after Gray and Natsu beats Mard Geer. Natsu and Gray fight over END, as Gray wants to destroy it and Natsu wants to give it to Ignnel. I personally think they shouldn't destroy it because, who knows what you're doing. Then we see Acnologia lose against Igneel. Yaaay, but how did the Dragon King lose? I guess Igneel wins the title of Dragon King than. We see Ichiya and his ugly face on Christina. They see a "bird" which was actually Grandeeney. *Gasp* Total surprise right? But seriously after Igneel came we all knew that the rest would come soon enough. Well anyways Grandeeney, Metalicana, Skiadrum, and Weisslogia destroy all the faces. But what annoys me is that we didn't get to see Lumen Histoire, which was a downer.

So now lets do the Pros and Cons.

Pros: The cover looked amazing with the color especially. Lumen Histoire The dragons came and just wrecked house. NO CLIFFHANGER kinda

Cons: We didn't see the full Igneel vs. Acnologia fight Gray's power were temporary. Personally I wanted Gray to be a Devil Slayer just because he's awesome like that :p and it makes no sense that it's not permanent. No lumen Histore o3o

Overall this chapter was great. I liked it especially because of the cliffhanger from last week. I give it a 8.5 out of 10. Thanks for Reading Guys!

Question of the Day: Should Gray have Devil Slaying Magic permanently?

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