Hello :) This is my first time contributing anything to the Fairy Wiki in general, and for a while I've been having a very intriguing question in mind... As many of you know (or even have contributed to) there are many not theories but ideas of what, where and who such like where might Jellal might be and what might be his plans and most importantly are the Oracion Seis guys really know following him?! There was until very recently the question of WHERE IN THE ENTIRE EARTHLAND COULD IGNEEL BE?! (which until very recently we got an answer... sorta) And there are many, many, many more like who might E.N.D be or What is Lumen Histore and what it might do and HOW THE HELL IS IT POSSIBLE FOR ERZA TO EAT STRAWBERRY CAKE AND NOT BE A FAT COW AND HAVE SOME NICE BOOBS?!!!! >.> . . . . . . I know that all of that are very good questions, we as Fairy Tail fans might ponder every now and then. However, for me the most important question still remains as such:

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO PLUE?! like seriously when was it the last time we saw that little guy? What could he be up to! I miss him ;_;

Lol in all seriousness guys I just wanted to give this a chance and express a little of my "concern" towards PLUE whereabouts. Thanks for however might read this and add a comment or something. Thanks and have a nice day :) or in my case night ;)

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