Hello guys, I’m Millie and this is my first blog.

I think everyone has some theory about Lumen Histoire, Fairy Tail’s biggest secret, so here's a summary of my thoughts.

It is sure that Lumen Histoire is some kind of extremely powerful magic, probably very close to the One Magic, if not the One Magic itself. Lucy once said she thought that the One Magic is love. If the One Magic really is love, Lumen Histoire would be the reason why there are so good relationships in Fairy Tail.

As Mavis stated, Lumen Histoire is Fairy Tail’s light. And now we have the “release the light” thing from the latest manga chapter. It might be something like combination of Fairy Tail’s three great spells, which could originally come from it. And about using it against Tartaros – with what would you fight the Darkness, if not with the Light?

Anyway, what is your opinion? Is Lumen Histoire close to the One Magic or even the One Magic itself? Do you have other ideas?

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