Hello to everyone reading this! I would like to hear your opinion about my latest work!

little info : I'm 17 years old, I'm from Denmark and i'm also huuuuge fan of Fairy tail! For about a year now, i have been attending a free time class in my school called 'Glass Work' or 'Glasværk' and at first, as much as i love drawing and being creative , i didn't have any proper motivation to go to glass work, well.... until i saw the episode wherein Yukino used the 13th gate key. :D i then found Lucy's keys on web shops and i wanted sooo bad to have them but my parents don't really trust the internet that much, even when i showed them a bunch of evidence of people actually being trustworthy. ( i haven't seen any anime shops in my city either) Then it hit me, i can just make my own keys, and i did! :) here! : and

I couldn't find the other colors for their icons/emblems so i just used black instead.

So, dear internet, i'm ready :x . What do you think?

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