Let me start by saying I've been watching this show since Nov 2009, I got started when it was only at episode 4 and have not missed a single episode since. FT is now a permanent part of my life and I can recall periods in my life over the last 3 years based on what arc was airing at the time in the anime. This however is my first time posting a blog on any wiki so I'm not sure how this whole thing works or how welcoming the community is but

I want to know your opinions on the fights because I once read someone post that they thought all of Natsu's fights were bad and Erza had all the good fights. Either way it's all opinion but I personally liked Natsu's fight against Jellal during the tower of heaven because of his intensity and his emotions during the fight.

What are you ladies and gentlemen's favorite fights and least favorite fights and why?

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