Rouge do not protect Minerva, finally I understand why he is interesting in Gajeel.

Aquarius didn't got punishment, too bad.

Fairy Tail AB team got combined, thanks Duck Tail, Jellal bomb is disabled.

However why Erza is here, she can't face Minerva, I see, Captain Mermaid will send Erza to recycle factory, then Mirajane can send Minerva to outer space.

Tag battle, as I thought before, Sting and Rogue will face Natsu and Gajeel. Sting maybe doomed. I am worried about Frosch and Lector.

Day 5 is rest day, ammm, Erza will face rage of Milliana. And Yukino will rise again.

Grand Magic Game = Dragon King Feast, and Human, Dragon and Devil.

Who is devil? Mirajane? Zeref? Rabbit? or a guy who has Zeref like magic?

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