Bisca requipping her gun

Solid Bisca prepare a sniper gun.

That fake Michelle is one of the ROS, maybe her magic is control the dream.
Juvia done the well job like Wendy.
Gray and Freed are failed...... too bad.
I see, maybe Angel will be dusted by Blue Pegasus.
Jackpot's magic... so many ROS are power up by magic item.
Midnight...... you are failed...... only one hit? Hurt Bisca more!
Ok, If Midnight bring Bisca to prison where Earth Coco is, I will forgive Midnight.
For now, Earth Byro is a complete puppet...... How pathetic.

By the way, if Bisca is Solid Snake, Karen is Big Boss, and Erza Knightwalker is Liquid Snake.
That only mean fake Michelle is Solidus Snake.

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